Want the Wyze Car but can't buy a compatible camera that works with it on their website

I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity of getting the Wyze Car, it looks like so much fun. I just saw that it can only work with the Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Cam Black, both of which are not available for purchase on their website. Not so excited about this anymore unless someone can let me know if there is a solution for this…

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When I started the checkout process for it just now, I was offered the opportunity to purchase a Wyze Cam Black for $26.99.

I’m back to being excited since I was given the chance to buy the Wyze Cam Black at checkout!! Not sure why I ever doubted Wyze for one second!!!

I hope you have better luck at actually getting the Wyze Car than I have had.

Even the one time I didn’t get the “YOU HAVE NO ITEMS IN YOUR SHOPPING CART” message after adding it to the cart, the site seemed to crash after selecting Amazon Pay on the checkout page.

UPDATE: Finally succeeded.

So just checked the web site–$24 for shipping the car and a camera? Really?

The camera by itself is $37 with shipping. I’ve checked the usual and unusual online retailers and the only real alternative is, unfortunately, eBay. I kinda think they never should have discontinued the V2 anyway. Could probably produce it for a few bucks less (maybe a lot less) than the V3 and continue to make money off it.

Sadly, I had no offer for a Wyze Black or a v2 at checkout. It does say that “any” v2 will work, so I am hoping I can hook up a pan v2 (although it will look goofy.)

I too was drooling for a WyzeCar. Ordered it as soon as I saw the TXT but now that I did and am reading up on it, I am not sure if this is what I thought it was…

Does the car ONLY connect directly to your phone via WiFi or can you connect it to house WiFi and then control it while not home via your phone?

If I can’t control this remotely, it is just an overpriced RC car and I just wasted $15 to ship it to me and then more for me to return it…

Turns out my fears on the functionality were unfounded. Can control remotely.

Pretty good vid on it: - YouTube

I have 7 V2’s still left after V3 upgrade, if you are in the greater Sacramento California area I could meet up to sell V2’s directly. I actually live in the Placerville area and Sacramento is just down the hill…

$20 per V2 Black cams with power supply…

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Highly unlikely that the Pan V2 will work. Completely different hardware than the Cam V2. The Pan is more like the V3.



On the East coast I’m afraid… Thanks though.

@CoreyH _ They are still out there if you search the web…

V2 E-Bay

V2 Micro Center

E Z Home Systems

Boletron - Pet Camera


I wasn’t offered the Black v2 on successfully ordering the Wyze Car… guess I’ll have to hunt the internet for one.

I saw this on home depot, and almost pulled the trigger, but i’m assuming the sensors are old generations that have been replaced with newer models:


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The cam sensors are older and have been replaced with newer models but apparently the car only does the old units.

Pretty sure he or she was talking about the V1 motion and open / close sensors included in that kit.

Any v2 will work. Get one on Amazon or ebay. You don’t have to buy it from wyze for it to work

You have an option to purchase a wyze cam black for $26 but when you go to check out, they will discount the wyze cam black and the final cost is $9. I just bought one. I added other items to make it above $90 for a free shipping. You also can search for wyze coupon code online for 10% off.

i have an extra black cam v2 if you want to buy it, brand new in box

I assume that option is only when you make the purchase of the truck. I wasn’t offered the option. Is there some hidden link that someone from Wyze can share with us, to purchase the V2?