Wyze Cam v2 not being restocked?

A new Wyze Car is close to delivery but Wyze Cam v2 stock is depleted and I’m told will not be restocked. What camera is now compatible with the Wyze Car??

Wyze Cam Black is also a V2, and just looks way cooler on the car. I think it is in stock.

I hadn’t heard the V2 wasn’t going to be restocked. Did that come from an official source?

Yes. Wyze support. I saw the black camera but could not determine if it was a v2. Support says v2 cams are out of stock.

Well out of stock and won’t be replaced are two different things. I have no idea myself. The black cams are V2s, though. :slight_smile:

Ordered the black cam last night. Still would like to know Wyze’s alternative to the v2 cam. At least as it pertains to the Wyze Car.

I pulled the USB cable from the power bank last night but the bank’s lights stayed lit and the battery was dead this morning. Tried using the power button on the power bank but couldn’t turn it off. Is there a trick?

They only sold the car as a way for people to “repurpose” their existing, discontinued V2s after they were replaced by the V3 in the product line. Don’t think it was intended as a sustaining product. You can always use eBay.

The black cam is a V2. The only difference is it has a black case. Exactly the same otherwise.

Interesting. The last power banks I knew they were supplying should have turned off those power bank lights 30 seconds after you disconnected the cable. They should only stay on when current is being consumed. The dead battery is also an indicator that current was still being consumed. If nothing was plugged into the power bank, then you may need to contact Wyze for a replacement.

Yes, unfortunately. Again, if it is the same power bank as they supplied the first time around, you need to press the power switch TWICE to get it to power down. The other way is to stop drawing current, like by unplugging it. 30 seconds later it should turn itself off.

V2 is discontinued and no longer manufactured

Since I haven’t seen that yet, what is your source?

Apple Support.

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Apple support knows Wyze has discontinued the V2? But the Black cam that is still sold is a V2.

So sorry. Wyze support.

From the Wyze shop (in the box Wyze Cam V2 black):

Ahh. So they just dropped the V2 from the camera name and simply call it the Wyze Cam Black?

Yes, just a second color of the same V2 camera.