V2 cameras

I’ve had no luck with v3 and v4 cameras. When will wired indoor/outdoor v2 cameras be back in stock?

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As far as I understand it, they are essentially considered deprecated. I expect that the only way we will ever see them in stock again is as a refurbished listing.

There is a very small chance that Wyze will order some new black V2’s if they ever order any more Wyze Cars, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that too much. I think it’s pretty unlikely.

There is also a small chance that some retailer could return unsold stock to Wyze and then Wyze might list them as a flash sale or something.

Well, I just looked up public shipping records, and it looks like (per public records) Wyze last ordered new Wyze cars in January 2023. The last time before that was October 2021. So I would say that is not a good sign that they’d order more again any time soon.