Wyze Car Feedback

Hello. Just some feedback about my experience so far with the wyze car.

Working well with a black v2 cam. Still trying to figure out why it doesn’t record to the cams inserted micro sd card. The car app should allow you to see the album. Please make this happen if possible.

The steering is horribly loud, not sneaking up on any pets! :wink: Also the servo doesn’t have that much torque so steering the big knobby tires requires movement. In other words you can’t turn the wheels while standing still at least not on rough surfaces.

I have tried to use bigger powerbanks but for some reason they seem to cut off within a minute, not sure why. Anyway, please offer a larger powerbank.
I would like to leave the car plugged into a larger powerbank and have it sitting in my home as a roving security cam. The cargo bay looks like it could handle much bigger packs.

It is overall a fun gadget to play with.

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I can leave mine plugged in to charge and use it as a security cam. When I am ready to move, I can go forward and it unplugs itself from the cord. Later, I would need to reattach the battery pack to charge again.

I will let you know when mine works. I was unable to get the firmware to load properly on any of my V2s. My guess on your powerbank is that it is looking for more milliamps current draw to keep it awake.

I use mine as a visual only. I don’t try to record from it (except from car app). I will stick the car somewhere and BOOM I have a camera that can make a very slow get away if need be. I need to put something on the camera ( like a clown head ((Pennywise :clown_face:)) or something) so it doesn’t get too much attention.

I got mine running today after having some cameras fail. Its pretty neat. The interface is nice. Reminds me of my parrot drones.
The only “complaints” (I use that term lightly) is that it is pretty slow(even in sport mode) and the turning radius is pretty wide. It has really low torque and the lack of ability to turn the wheels without having them drive is a bit annoying but again, its a $50 RC car. For what I paid, its well worth it.

I dont think I would but it again and I suspect I will get bored of it in a few weeks but thats my own problem, not the car.

All in all, neat product, just wish it was faster/had more power. Maybe its a candidate for some hacking?

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As you said…it’s a $50 toy…You get what you pay for. I would sell it and goto motionrc.com to Buy a real RC…It would be easy to rig the camera.

Every time you open the app go and check to see if sport mode is selected , even if it is ,it might not go into sport mode properly, close the app in open it back up and test the car, if you do get it into sport mode you will find a big difference in speed and torque.
I just started sending logs in about this problem I’m not sure the right wyze team members are aware of this issue yet

Its selected. I am very well versed in the app. The issue is that you don’t get much power from 5V with motors this size. The actual power difference from sport to regular is pretty small. I was measuring the current draw between both modes and its close.