Wyze Car Motor Power

Is anyone else having trouble with their Wyze Car not having enough strength to drive in the grass? Also, I’ve noticed with mine that any obstacle in the house (ie dog toys) the car just stops in its tracks. Just wanting to make sure that it’s not just my unit.

Switch is to performance mode. I believe the default is eco mode. That will help some but it still struggles going through grass. I had hoped that the motors would be a bit more powerful than they appear to be.

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Yeah, I was aware of the performance mode. I expected the car to work through at least short grass since it was photographed that way. I’m somewhat disappointed in it for this reason.

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Same here. Got only about 3ft into the grass and stopped working. I have a big back yard and that was my goal to drive around it and watch the animals, but nope… not going to happen. It can’t even get over a bump betnwee the tile and wood floors in my house, that the Wyze robo-Vac can get over just fine, unless I go fully straight to get over the bump with the car. It even got hung up on a sidewalk bump. But if you go into sport mode, it’s almost too fast to control if you are going down a narrow path, because dare it go into the grass and you are SOL.

So yes, false advertising.

The battery that came with mine is taking forever to charge. Been charging for over 2 hours now and still hasn’t got past the 2nd light (2nd light is blinking). 4 lights total.

Well, it was kinda fun driving over to the neighbors driveway and turning around and coming back from my living room. Guess it’s the little things.

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I drove my car for 5 min and it started shorting out the light and there was BURNING Smell coming from my camera(brand new camera ordered with the car) while connected to the car. I am a big fan of WYZE but this was a huge failure. I was using this at a family party and I am glad it didn’t catch on fire and burn the house down. Becareful

I’m kind of disappointed. My wife asked if all the drama on trying to order one on April 1 was worth it. The answer is sadly, no.

Not going to be a first adopter on anymore Wyze products after this.

Over-hyping is real, isn’t it. With all products like this, I tell myself “what do I expect for $x?” Helps keep expectations low.

I too feel the car is under powered. Can this be fixed by supplying a little more voltage to the motor? I am not sure what circuitry is in the car or whether an app update can fix the performance issues. Also, can there be a gear swap available at some point? Most R/C cars can have upgraded battery packs for more speed (+volts), motor upgrades and gear swaps. I am afraid to take this thing completely apart to look inside. The screws look like they would strip easy.

Someone has surely already taken it apart and is looking to modify it. I would be interested to see other peoples mods and how well they work.

Not sure if it is the battery not providing enough power or if the motors are underpowered.

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Has anyone had any experience with one of these?

neat video

This is neat too.

Tried it in the backyard, it wouldn’t even move in grass. It hardly moves on a fluffy carpet in our family room. I thought there was something wrong with it until I came here. Returning it.

The car is terrible for off road. Did you charge the battery all the way up? Don’t return it, Sell it on Ebay :slight_smile:

So I am wondering if I got a Friday car. Not only did shipping seem to lose the car for 10 days (which just built up my anticipation more), but now I’m pretty disappointed with this thing. I got the feeling when I got it that someone had carefully opened the box previously… inside I was missing the 4 long screws needed to attach the roll cage. One tire was half off the rim, easy fix. But now that I’m finally getting to drive it around my living room it feels so sluggish and weak. Almost any little bump stops it entirely in it’s tracks. I was really excited when I jumped on the forums and realized I had missed the option to switch to sport mode! But… Womp womp it doesn’t do anything to my Wyze car. There is zero difference between eco and sport mode. I’m so bummed. I was going to drive this around my office tomorrow but now I think I’d be too embarrassed.

This is what I found, I had a hard time to actually get it into sport mode but when I did it I would crawl over all kinds of things , big big difference, it is not holding the selection for sport mode , and if you don’t use the app for awhile it automatically switches back to eco mode , then when you switch it back to sport mode it will not be in sport mode until you close the app and reopen it.
I sent in logs about this problem

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I will double check to make sure mine is not doing this. One way to make it faster is to fine some replacement 7mm hex wheels on Amazon. Put some smaller diameter tires on it (metal rims). Skinnies on the front and slicks on the back. That would also give it a lower center of gravity so it would not flip over so much.

I don’t think it’s all that bad the way it is if it works right.
I set it outside and went back in on the couch, I crawled up this bump at the end of my driveway and out into the road ( did it 4 times to be sure) to explore the neighborhood.
According to what other people are reporting the car is not capable of doing this

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What device app are using? My iOS does not do this.

I run Android only, I see that you run IOS

I tried what you did with no luck. Every time I go back into the app, it’s back to eco mode. :frowning:

Try this, after you select sport mode don’t close the app just go back to the first main screen of the car wait a couple seconds then tap on that to get back into driving mode, for me at least this has been working good to get it to actually go into sport mode