Will you sell your wyze car?

Best video yet!! :rofl: :joy:

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I just got mine delivers. Powerbank is charging, but I took a first tour with another one. It’s fun, but I always have 800ms delay.

Got the delay down to 230ms by switching my phone to my 5g network.

Tried travelmode, I get video but it doesn’t drive. Everything but driving works.


My only complaint with the packaging is…
Where is my sticker?

I see on some videos that it should be included.

eBay sales are dropping as the number of sellers goes up. The reviews are in.

What is your rating on the WYZE car?

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  • Never got mine.

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I am giving it 4 stars for the following reasons.

  1. No torque
  2. Too top heavy
  3. Not well thought out. The hype was great.

I believe this is 1/12 or 1/16 scale. The body seems to be 1/16 scale and the wheels fit a 1/12. Already thinking about putting lead into tires.
7mm hex hub

The reasons I gave it 4 stars.

  1. It’s Wyze
  2. It uses Wyze cams
  3. It can be made into an awesome rc car
  4. Only one like it
  5. Found sticker (update)

If you add lead to the tires, it will increase the mass that the “No torque” motors will have to move in order to get going. Please do let us know how it goes, but I have my concerns.

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One does not simply “not send stickers”… Wyze seems confused about how many crickets we’ll eat in exchange for cricket badges.

Might be time to get some of our own stickers going. Stickermule always has great deals…

I’ll rank the Wyze Car after it shows up. Says it’ll be here by last Friday. :slight_smile:

The “hype” was definitely more than the show and I believe there are actually 5,000+ of these sweet rides (not “only one like it”). Still less than 1% have been listed on eBay. That isn’t that many. It’s just that they are coming all at once. I suspect when it’s all said & done about 5% or less will show up for sale. This is a fairly loyal customer base.

Mine comes tomorrow - looking forward to it. Why did you use your own Battery Pack?

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When I got mine, I already had a usb battery pack charged and it was almost three times the Ah. Once the Wyze was charged I compared the two. The Wyze battery pack seemed to have more power.

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Good to know… Thanks for the response

Inside the box with the car.

I did not see it. I will check again.

I looked again and it was upside down. :sweat_smile:


White cam ? I guess it might be too dark if they put the black cam on the sticker.

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Cool sticker! They really should have changed this one to “I backed up Wyze Car” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully, FedEx is not relying on these cars to power their vehicles. Mine arrived at a FedEx facility in Bloomington, CA on the 16th. It sat there, and finally got on a northbound truck on the 19th. It then finally made it’s way to the Seattle area today (the 22nd), but now it’s got to turn around and head south 60 miles. FedEx does NOT have a delivery date scheduled yet on their website. At this rate, it may be end of this week or next week before it makes it here. Guess I should have ordered the “turbo” version :slight_smile:

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Yall kill me with the sticker talk🤣

I will admit this is the first one I have ever removed from its adhesive seal.



I hope we all get together, from the forum, and have our stickers on a sash, like Boy Scouts. :vulcan_salute::globe_with_meridians:

Just hold up your phone, of course mine are off I’ve backed everything except the V2 cam, Pan Cam, and sprinkler.

i forgot one… handheld vac… yet to find a need for one as I have 2 shark duo… but I promise I am looking for a reason, just have yet to pull the trigger and they are slow selling.

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