WORV (WYZE Car) Patio lap

With little battery charge I had to take the WYZE Car for a quick lap around the patio.



Pretty cool :nerd_face:. Did it fall over? How does it do in the grass. I have a lot of woods and rocks in my yard. Did you use wifi direct or your home wifi?

Was connected to WiFi… Battery was so low didn’t even drive it in the grass and I drove it off the patio being silly to end the recording. When I have more time and a full charge I will see how it does off road… but my inference is that it will be more of a crawler.

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Got mine too - 12 year old put the parts together and we cruised it around inside. Agree not super fast like some other RCs - though faster than his crawler. I like the battery bank - could be dual purpose.

In settings, put Drive Mode to Sport Mode. Still not super fast, but a lot faster than ECO Mode.

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Theres a little boost going forward with sport, reverse seems to be the same speed.


Do you use wifi direct or your home wifi? Which one is better and what is your ~range?

Dang why is it so loud?