Will you sell your wyze car?

One small one, my damn job keeps getting in the way :slight_smile: .

I hosed my new V2 Black cam applying the car firmware (I think I powered it off in the middle of it) and had to manually flash. That set me back a little.

Will try to post a video this eve in Caught on WYZE.

Hopped over to check the Reddit thread. Guy was chasing his cat. I didn’t know it had a horn. :joy:

looking forward to it. It does not look like fedex is going to come through today. They have never delivered a package on time.

And then it did with the best offer. At this point, we know the highest price is somwhere between $175 & $225. A little low but still profitable.

I don’t think the market is set yet. Low priced could be getting snatched up to flip for profit. Once sold, they don’t show up in search. Those coming to look later won’t see the lower price sold cars. :man_shrugging:t5:

Slow lap, low battery :rofl:

Got mine, took it for a little drive around the house. New user so it won’t let me attach the video. It’s pretty cool,


@gwar33 Welcome to the community! Try it now. I boosted your trust level.

Still wont let me lol. I have had wyze cameras for awhile now just never joined the community.


Cool video. I think your cat wants a ride but not too sure yet. :laughing:

Hahaha, you’re right. That was fresh out of the box, I’ve got it charging now. I’m going to take it outside when it is 100%.

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I can’t wait for all the post about tire marks on the wood floor like on the many robot vacuum post. Your wife/partner will tell you all to clean off the tires after you take it outdoors and run them through the grass/mud or whatever. Can’t wait to see a big dog snatch and kill one either :joy:

If it leaves marks on the floor… I’ll blame the kids lol


We have tiles and cats. No problems there :rofl:

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My car is still stuck in ellenwood, ga😥

Mine too. Fairly certain they were on same truck from Marietta. :unamused:

Wait until the cats hide and or chew up the remote :joy: :joy: :rofl:

Probably get the car this time next week.

I have a handful of cats, so one of them is bound to be curious. And the remote is my phone. One of them already tried (unsuccessfully) to gnaw on it.