Wyze vacuum and wyze cam integration

I’d love to have Wyze cams track the vacuum and learn what things tend to get the vacuum stuck and teach it to avoid them.

You could set it up with to automatically submit footage to Wyze servers when the vacuum is running and is detected by the camera, and have the option to only allow that during certain hours, and/or only allow when no person is detected.

This would be a way to get the benefits of a camera based navigation system as well as the benefits of lidar, by virtue of being in the wyze ecosystem.

It would also pave the way for the cameras to identify when there is a mess the vacuum can clean up :slight_smile:

I’d love to have an accessory bag that’s large enough to not have to cram things in.

Was expecting a mountable bracket for the vacuum, too.


yes i wanted to put a camera on my vacuum but would make it taller. would be fun to the the vacuums view.

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I totally agree with both comments. I was expecting a hang bracket. What am I supposed to do with this thing Wyze, keep it on a shelf, in a drawer with the charging cord hanging out? Guess I’ going to have to screw a basket to the wall near an outlet. Or maybe just return it. Pretty disappointed.


I think this will be great so it can record while is doing it’s vacuuming job!! You can see what is the RV seen as well… I tried today using a V2 in top of the lidar with a Power Bank, it was great and Fun… I think the WRV should have the option in case you want to connect a camera via the USB, like the Wyze Cars has that option!!!

To clarify, in my original suggestion I was thinking of integration with cameras that are mounted in my house looking down on the rooms. Integrating with those overwatch cameras would be something Wyze is uniquely positioned for.

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That is a very good idea, but I will prefer a separate Wyze cam just for that or a smaller version of a wyze cam specialized for the Vacuum.