Wyze Robot Vacuum V2 Ideas

I am really excited to see Wyze robo Vaccum. Still, I would hold off buying it till next year. Hope to see more features like multi floor mapping, object detection and most importantly, addition of self emptying feature.

Keep up the great work.


[Mod Edit]: Title Modified to Enhance Search Clarity. This topic can encompass all upgraded hardware features that are not compatible with the current vacuum.

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According to this, it will be available later via firmware.


Should we concern ?

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Fun paper. I didn’t read it all. Why do they specifically reference machine produced audio rather than live speech? They’re picking up the sound off stable surfaces anyway…

You were first a camera company before expanding… you should have placed a camera in the vacuum. Would really be nice to see under things, like the bed and such…


you could also possibly vote for this idea here that sounds similar

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Ideally, a self emptying bin and feature would be compatible with the first robot vacuum and future models so that we don’t have to upgrade the vacuum to utilize this feature. This one is really big for me as I have pets and lots of hair that fil up robot vacuuma quickly. It’s been really hard to make a decision about purchasing the wyze vacuum when there is now a roomba with the self emptying system…


It’s almost become a no brainier for me. The Shark series has a self cleaning hair roll feature and a self emptying model is on sale now for about $300. Not getting one now because my Deebot is fine.


Also, it would be neat to be able to “draw” boundary lines on the map in the phone application. TheNeato Botvac d7 had this feature and you can actually draw lines in real time as the vacuum is cleaning to keep it from going certain places!


Agree. I was going to buy this vacuum, but I’m going to hold until it knows how to self empty.

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  1. Spot cleaning
  2. Option to choose different cleaning patterns
    (Horizontal vertical or hash)
  3. Multi-floor support
  4. Create rooms. (Possibly designating different parts of a map as a room). This will allow you to clean one room instead of the entire floor.



You can vote for multiple floor support here. It’s supposed to be added in the future.

It should already have the ability to create rooms and you can clean a certain designated room according to a schedule too. Or it’s supposed to come in an update later if you don’t see that option now.


I would love a Joystick control for my Robot vacuum so I can spot clean and just play.

I would also love the robot vac to have a few random Syfy related voice clips like (I’ll be back) and (By your command)

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A lot of robot vacuums have a feature where depending on the surface, the robot can sense the floor type and change the suction strength. I believe there are the proper sensors for this to be possible.

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Would like to request the following features for Wyze Vacuum:

  1. Sensor for when dirt canister is full. Pause or return to charge until emptied
  2. For version 2.0, I would recommend adding a 2nd edge brush

I’m not sure if the first request is possible with this version of the vacuum. I don’t know if there is a sensor to detect when the dustbin is full.

Need an notification and to pause the vacuum when the dustbin is full. As it is now, I’m getting trails of hair all over the place when the vacuum is full.


I have 3 types of flooring in my house, carpet, hardwood and tile. It would be great to have the ability to set the suction to high in areas where there is carpet and silent when it’s on the hardwood and tile.



It would be great if your engineers could redesign the piece of plastic that holds the brush in place to include a cattle guard. A cattle guard is a device when attached to a train that keeps the train from running over cattle. In the case of the vacuum it would hopefully stop the vacuum from sucking up cat toys and other items shoestrings phone charging wires plastic bags so on and so forth. Another thing that would be nice if in front of the brush there was a sniffer that would suck up hairballs and dust balls before they hit the brush instead of getting all tangled up in the brush

I would love to see replaceable faceplates offered for the Wyze Vaccuum. Although adding the virtual walls, etc is a great option to keep it from places where it will get stuck, our Vaccuum has already gotten scratches within two days of use. It’s really quite disappointing for an expensive product to look like that so quickly. Having replaceable plates would make it much easier to resolve the issue and keep the vacuum looking fresh and sleek.