Ability for Robot Vac to have multilevel maps, without needing user to switch manually

I could not find any similar idea in the Wishlist, so posting it. I am pretty sure that you guys must have thought of having multilevel (multi-floor) map support in your future. My idea is to make that seemless, without needing user to switch manually.

Rather than expecting user to select the map once the robo-vac is placed on a different floor, you can have multiple charging units per floor. Robo-vac can commnicate to the charging unit to determine which floor map to activate. All the user needs to do is pick the vac and drop it on the charging unit on a different floor and rest the smart vac will do itself.

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It is supposed to be added in an update. I hope it comes soon.


Not sure how much does it cost for the charging station, in spite of it, it should be added as an update to select the floor (Floor I Map, Floor II Map) and when it is done we can pick it up and attach it to the charging station. The multi-type floor gives the vacuum cleaner the flexibility to operate on the suction level etc. for ex. The carpet needs more suction and needs more time than a hard/tile floor as a hard floor/wood floor will move fast and easily.


Would really love the ability to save multi floor maps and then be able to select a particular room(s) from a floor to be cleaned or like a spot clean on one floor and then have the ability to take the vaccum to the other floor and choose rooms to clean there. Ofcourse hoping that there would be no need to move the base station between floors every time.


I LOVE my Wyze Robot Vacuum! But, I would REALLY LOVE the ability to have two different floor maps. Like…first floor and second floor.


I agree, please add multi-floor saved maps.


It will better if the app can remember map of multiple floors, so that I don’t have to rescan every time.

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Allowing multiple maps means you wouldn’t buy additional vacuums. Kind of a Catch-22 for the developer who wants you to buy!

Not necessarily. If i have 2 storey house, rather than buying 2 wyze vacuums, I would probably buy one high end vacuum which has multi level support. So they would actually loose on the customers. There are good options out there for 2x wyze vac price, for sure!


I’m pleased with the vacuums performance but disappointed in the inability to store maps for different levels. Not everyone lives in an apartment or single level house and this requirement seems so basic to be overlooked.
Of course with attractive quantity pricing I can probably be persuaded to buy a few more and save myself the trouble of accessing a specific program and schlepping it up and down to different levels :grin:


I just got my new robot vacuum up and running and I’m very impressed with it’s detection and routing capabilities. Congratulations to the team. I’ve worked on self driving car software for a major car manufacturer so I’m familiar with the technology.

The major issue I have with the vacuum is that it doesn’t support multiple floors. I haven’t lived in a single story house since I moved out of my parent’s house 50 years ago! This is definitely a much needed feature.

I appreciate that implementing an auto detect feature that can determine what floor it’s currently on is going to be tricky to implement. However, personally, I would not mind having to manually select the floor map when I move the unit as an interim solution.

The same goes for charging units on each floor. I would be fine having to move the unit manually or leaving a single unit and manually moving the vacuum to the floor it is on when it needs charging. At least in my house, the vacuum can do an entire floor without having to recharge in the middle of it, so moving to a different floor, letting the unit clean, and moving it back to the “home” floor would be OK with me until a more sophisticated solution is implemented.


I’ve seen the topic discussed throughout the thread and occasionally on the FB Groups however I don’t see it (unless I missed it) on the Wyze Wishlist. I purchased the vacuum with the assumption we’d be able to Map out multiple floors without the need to replace the previous floors map.

Any updates on when this feature will be released and/or if it is even in development?


I am not very happy that this robot vacuum can’t handle the change of levels. My home has a two step level change. I expected I would be able to just move the unit down to the next level to vacuum and then return it to the charging station when it finished. That isn’t working out. I do not believe there was any mention that changing levels would be a problem when I ordered it. I am frustrated. I want to love this vacuum.

Yes please. We just got our vacuum robot and it is doing a great job but the lack of multiple floors is a big miss. I would give the product a 5 start review but without the multiple floors it will be a 3 at best


The robot vacuum is a good product, I’ve had mine for a few weeks. But I’m missing the multi level. As others have said resetting maps is a pain as we lose the no-go zones and map learning over time. No objections to manually setting the floor level / map in the app, but ideally an additional purchase charging unit could inform the app of the new floor level.

Agree… was hoping this new update would have multi floor; but it does not ;(

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This seems to be a company wide shortcoming- coming close but missing the obvious.
As a mechanical device the vacuum works well. From a software viewpoint all the products seem to have gaping holes in their design. Whoever is doing product research needs to rethink their goals to put it politely.

This would be a handy feature in the app that would allow you to add another floor. Some houses have two or more stories and it would be nice to select the floor map you are going to vacuum. The docking station would need to be moved to that floor but the map selection would stay the same for each floor you set up.


Also, I wish it would connect with Alexa using voice commands

Having to buy a vacuum for each floor is crazy talk :crazy_face: