Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger: Wyze Robot Vacuum! 11/10/20

So you could only do selective cleaning once it has re-mapped the floor? And it would need to re-map every time you change between floors or it can store the original map to start using again when it’s moved back to the primary floor? Thanks!

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn! To clarify, you mean multi floor mapping will be available in a future firmware update? Or in a future new hardware model? If it’s firmware I’m ordering now :slight_smile:

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It’s firmware! :smiley:


Awesome info Newshoound, just what I was looking for!


What does single floor mean? Will it work if the wooden floors also have area rugs?
I ordered one and the order went through fine for me.

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Many houses have one level but some have stairs and such and are multi-level. Right now, it saves the map for one floor but we’ll add multi-floor map saving later! You can use it on wooden floors with rugs and it will transition between flooring types well (as long as you don’t have shag carpet that is too long). :slight_smile:


That’s what my wife wanted to hear: multilevel support eventually! I guess we’re sold after that, so thanks.

As for Google, I understand they’ve been complicated lately, for lots of places… Then there is how they’ve dedicated their efforts to dropping “works with nest” to create some new “works with hey google” integration instead, so old integrations have been getting ignored and companies losing connectivity. I guess, just be patient and don’t totally write off Google… They aren’t as developer friendly as Alexa right now, but I understand they’re working on making improvements…

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How does this handle dog hair? I know robo vac’s aren’t the best with that.


Ahh, one LEVEL. I feel dumb now! My brain went to floor type when i read single floor.


I mean no insult or harm here, but for the first time, I believe a product from Wyze has strayed from your mission. There are already many comparable products at this price-point. Some of those are from companies with an established reputation in the robot vacuum market.

Every other product in the Wyze stable takes an existing market and shakes it up by offering quality (although not typically high end functionality) at extraordinarily fair and reasonable prices. That isn’t the case here. Sure it might be cheap at the pre-order level, but so to are other products from up-and-comers trying to break into an industry.

This product just doesn’t make sense in the Wyze Universe. I wonder if Wyze is struggling financially and the solution is to flood the market with tons of new products. I hope not, as I like Wyze. I just don’t like this decision.


How well is this vacuum going to work on dark carpet?

I want one. But it wont ship to Canada. :frowning:

I have a Neato that I love as it was so smart, but its broken. I have a much older Roomba that works but it has no brains. This looks great. I’ve love to get one for my main floor so I could let the Roomba go live in the basement. I really want that built in virtual wall feature.

Everything is long past warranty so this would be as cheap as fixing the old stuff and likely be much better. But… I can’t order in Canada.



There is a warning that some dark carpets cannot be cleaned. My guess is because of the sensor light absorption? I don’t know. They also ask it not be used on shag carpets (carpets with very long fibers).

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How long does it run on standard mode and how many sq.ft can it cover in one charge. Trying to compare against my roborock which can do 150mins and can cover 150sq.m in one charge

And does it remember to contine where it left off after a charging schedule didn’t complete the full map due to running out of battery

Ordered… It’s gonna be like Christmas day around here hopefully soon. Waiting on Thermostats, Headphones, Door Bell Cameras, V3 cameras, and now a Robot Vacuum.


So when you say Alexa…you mean Alexa for USA only? When is Alexa going to be available world wide.

Also is this only available in USA?

Is this going to be a Tuya or Xiaomi chipset? Will it work with Home Assistant?

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What about ramps/inclines?

How steep of an incline will it ascend? Obviously at some point it doesn’t have the power and would detect some inclines as an object, but it also can’t require 100% level situations. Has anyone tested the incline limitations? For example, floors that have a single step, some people will put a little ramp out, and if the slope is gradual enough, the robot can use it to get to the other rooms.

I know it can ascend 2cm levels, but what are the incline limitations (power & or detection limiting effects)? Also, has anyone tested using a ramp that inclines using multiple 2cm increases over a certain distance to see if you can bypass a step?

Does it have ability to empty itself when full?

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Your Rroborock seems beefier. I’ve never vacuumed anywhere near 1,615 square feet – my whole house isn’t that big. I don’t believe I’ve gotten as far as 150 minutes either. The video above says expect 110.

Yes, if the robot runs out of charge, it will return to the charging station, and resume the map when it recharges a bit (stops at 7% charge, resumes at 60%).

A complication to your question is I doubt anyone has spent much time in ‘standard’ mode either. By default I believe it uses the more economical ‘quiet’ mode, and people use the higher ‘strong’ mode for deeper cleaning.


The dust bin is emptied manually.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 3.51.44 PM