Robovac Mapping capability for Multilevel homes

I have a two stories home, but not large enough to buy two robovac. So, I physically put the robovac to 2nd floor. When it was cleaning, a cleaning map was generated, however is added into my 1st floor map and after cleaning was done, only the first floor map shows. I would like to see the mapping allow me to generate a 2nd map for my 2nd floor etc. Is it your engineer can work on it?
Kuanchiang Chen

Welcome to the community @kuanchiangchen1

When you go to the Settings area of the FW, you should Tap on the Stacked (Yellow arrow pointing to the icon). When you do that, the panel will slide open. With it open, you can click Add a Floor and then you will need to map the floor.

Note: I elected to Beta Test Apps and Firmware, but believe this is available for use. If not, you may need to sign-up to be a beta tester.


Many thanks. I may have to sign up for the beta tester. Appreciated!

I will check to see if it is available when you join and then select Beta FW for the Vacuum. Will let you know.


So I believe the Multi-floor options is still in a beta test process. There is a small group who are involved in testing, I must have lucked out and got it. You can still sign-up and see if you get it.

I agree, the idea that you can make a map of a floor, edit areas and then loose everything when you take the Wyze vacuum to another floor! The map editing is one of the reasons I selected the Wyze. Please add multi-level, mapping.
Thank you