Mapping vaccum

I’ve mapped out my downstairs and everything is working great. I want to take the robot vac upstairs and map it as well. Do I just carry it up and start it to map upstairs? Thanks.

That’s what I do with mine, but right now they don’t support multi-floor mapping, so as soon as you do that, it will either erase the previous map and start over with a new map to clean the new floor, or be confused and require you to delete the previous map yourself then start the robovac on the new floor and require remapping every time you switch floors.

In the future Wyze will support multi-floor mapping so that you can have 2 floor maps saved, but for now you have to remap everytime you switch floors. This isn’t a big deal to me honestly. I do it all the time, and since it cleans while it maps and then does what is most efficient from there, it really doesn’t bother me if it maps every time, it still gets the job done thoroughly and done well.

Still, I look forward to better multi-floor support being upgraded as they promised to come out with eventually.


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Multi-floor mapping is supported in beta firmware 1.6.126! If you aren’t on the beta, it should be coming soon!

Thanks for the info!