Multi map support for robot vac?

Currently have a Ecovacs Deebot vac that is pretty nice, but it only supports a single map, meaning I cannot map my basement, sunroom, etc. I am stuck with one map (the main floor of the house).

Does the WYZE robot vac allow me to use it in different non-contiguous areas, or would I need to buy a separate vac for each area?

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Welcome to the forum @mrbrucepritchett

The Wyze Robot vacuum supports multi level maps.

You do have to move the charging station to the additional areas you would like to map, but there are Wishlist items out there for additional charging stations, and/or development to the app and vacuum so you do not have to move the charging station.


Have this feature been rolled out to all robot vacuums. I don’t have this feature? @WyzeGwendolyn @R.Good

It has not been rolled out to all vacuums yet, they are working on getting it to all of them.


Thanks @WyzeJasonJ , hopefully soon. Any timeline on this? It’s a great a great product but can’t recommend this without these features as some of the competitors already have this available in their robot vacuums.

I do not have a timeline yet but I will see what I can find out.


Thanks @WyzeJasonJ appreciate your help.