Support for multiple robot vacuums

I currently have 1 robot vacuum cleaning 2 floors. I am considering purchasing another one just so that I don’t have to keep moving the robot and the charging station every week. But before I do that, I am wondering if someone here has done that, and if Wyze can support-

  1. 2 robot vacuums in their app. I assume so, but want to verify.
  2. maps to be shared between the robots. I do have 2 floors mapped for the 1 robot I have, but if I add another one, can that one start with the map (for the floor it will be on) mapped out by the current robot? Not that doing another mapping is hard, but I do have quite a few no-go zones setup, so would like to save some time and not do that again if I don’t have to.

Welcome @weiwang

Each vacuum will be it’s own device. When you add a second vacuum, you will need to map that floor with that vacuum.

There is no issue with multiple vacuums in the app.