Any tips for cleaning multiple floors?

I recently bought a Wyze robot vacuum, and really want to clean multiple floors with it. My home has two floors, and the area is very large. I set the vacuum to clean my house 8am everyday. I have two dogs and three kids. I need to clean the dog hair and the mess made by kids on the floor. This is a lot of work. That’s why I bought this vacuum.

One day after the vacuum finished cleaning the first floor, I took the vacuum to the second floor to clean bedrooms. It seems the vacuum got “lost” on the second floor. So I had to reset the map to let it clean my second floor. And because it needs to start from the charger and go back to it, I had to move both vacuum and charger upstairs and place them back to the first floor after the cleaning. Maybe I should buy another charger? I must say this is not a robot-like experience when it comes to multiple floor cleaning.

How do you guys clean multiple floors with the robot vacuum and what do you think of it? I think the vac do help me clean my house, but it’s not so easy to clean the other floor with it. I hope Wyze could improve the multi floor cleaning.

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it has been a while since I used mine on my second floor but I never needed to move my base to the second floor. I simply took the vacuum upstairs, ran a mapping session and sent it on its way. when it’s finished it should return to the spot it started up there from alert you that cleaning was completed. but be aware you will have to clear and quick map each time it goes to a different floor ( at least that’s how it was last time I ran it) so upon returning to the first level you will more than likely have to re-map.


Ok, thank you for your suggestion. I will pay attention to this situation when I use it again, but I still hope to improve the multi floor cleaning to facilitate the cleaning of my room.

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I know that they are looking into this as an issue and hopefully they will be able to store separate maps so you would be able to set the vacuum down and select a map to let it run from. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to be implemented if it is implemented this way but it sounds like that is the goal they are working towards. This was a request that has been brought up since testing and this highly requested as it is I don’t see them not at least attempting to make it happen

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I just downloaded beta firmware 1.6.126 and it allows for multi-floor vacuuming. I just mapped a room upstairs and it’s vacuuming now!

You can also turn off the voice prompts!

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Multiple floors are here!!! This may be a game-changer.

Thanks, team.

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Really? It’s amazing. It’s good news.

I’ll have a try, too