Adding muti map in your house so it could map both floors if you have it

Could you please add muti layers so that it could map both floors of your house if you have it?

Please and thank you.

Welcome to the community @Kan1137 . I am a community member as well and try to help when I can.

I believe Multi-Floor mapping is available. To verify this:

  • Start the Wyze App
  • Click on the Vacuum
  • Click the Gear at the top right
  • Then you will see your map and multi-floor option top right. Below are a few images.

If you don;t have it, then this may be still in beta. But for some reason, I believe it was released.

I don’t see it, which version of the app are you running?

It’s on the beta still, I just signed up and installed the multi floor update

Make sure to go to account->about->beta to make sure you select the device after signing up for the beta