Ability for Robot Vac to have multilevel maps, without needing user to switch manually

I have the same problem. I hope wyze can solve it as soon as possible.

I just downloaded beta firmware 1.6.126 and it allows for multi-floor vacuuming. I just mapped a room upstairs and it’s vacuuming now!

You can also turn off the voice prompts!


:+1: I will check it out. Thanks

But i see only firmware 1.6.113 (April 19, 2021) available… where did you find 126???

Its a beta version of the firmware available in the beta version of the app.

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Thanks I downloaded the beta Wyze app but for the vacuum it still only gives me the 113 version option :frowning:

In the app, go to Account - About - Beta Program. Add the vacuum to receive beta firmware updates.


Multiple Floors are here!!! Game changer!!

Thanks team.



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I like the ability to have multi maps, thanks for adding this!

When I did this for the first time, I brought the dock upstairs, let it quick map, then I removed the dock and it vacuumed. I wanted to see what would happen and if I needed the dock there. With the dock gone, it got confused when it finished vacuuming and it spun in circles trying to find it, so I stopped it.

It would be nice to map new floors without having to move the charging dock. Maybe allow users to specify what map has the dock? Then, users can add a new map, run a quick map, and vacuum without a dock on that level.


Are you guys with Andriod? I am not able to see it in iOS “126” and I am with Beta Program as well.

Yes, I have an Android phone. Do you have the most up-to-date version of the Wyze app? It needs to be version 2.20 or higher, I think.

And sometimes I think it just takes a few days to roll out to everyone.

Looks like it is with Android as of now. I will have to wait.

I have an iPhone and it works for me.

Try updating to the latest beta app for iOS… 2.20.131(7)

Also, make sure your vacuum is running beta firmware 1.6.126

Does anyone from wyze, @WyzeGwendolyn, know how long the beta testing will be? I would rather use non-beta firmware for this feature, Also, what about Alexa commands?

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I am buying a vacuum as soon as there is multi mapping available (in non-beta form). I’m curious, what is the procedure to map, select and vacuum the additional floors? I see someone mentioned that you need to move the base station for each floor. Is that true, if so, is it only for the mapping? Thanks,

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I have a split level room that’s too small to ever justify another smart vac so I see a lot of value in multi level support. If users have enough space on multiple levels then they would probably justify having multiple vacs so they don’t have to manually move them. Think this is key feature for one-off spaces.

How do you get to that screen that shows the multiple floors?