About Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.126

Reading thru the various responses concerning getting my vacuum working for beta multi floor cleaning.

After updating, I took it and the charger to the other floor and got a quick map going. But then I found it had replaced my original floor map with the new floor quick map.

When I brought the vacuum and charger back to original floor, the vacuum seemed to reboot.

I checked my iOS app is 2.20.142 and my vacuum is part of my beta test list.

The vacuum now says it’s firmware at version 1.6.130

My next step is to start over and rebuild my master floor map.


Hi, could you please submit a log so engineers will better know what happened? In normal cases, the original map shouldn’t be removed or replaced without your permission.

BTW, have you check the Map List (the icon is on the top-right corner of Home screen)?

Submitted log… 210439.

Last eve I deleted the partial new floor map, and re did my main floor with a quick map. Worked fine.

Not gonna try to add the new floor until these issues are resolved.

Got it

This isn’t major but the grammar sounds weird every time I quick map. When you start to quick map, the robot says “starting to quick mapping”. It should say “starting to quick map”. Ticket 190355
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FWIW, I was unable to bind to my dedicated network back in February after I did a factory reset. I just isolated the problem to an iOS update back in that time frame. Seems to be specific to at least my iPhone model SE (2020). The problem can be replicated with other iPhone model SE (2020).

I gave an old iPhone 4S some CPR and used that as a workaround to get the WRV back on the network. The Wyze app in the newer iPhone SE works fine–it’s all about the binding process–the app doesn’t see the network(s) and manually entering an SSID doesn’t work either.

If anyone is wondering, I have several other Wyze products and have no issues identifying the available 2.4 GHz networks or joining the chosen network. Technology is great when it works!

I’d like to get on the beta for the robot cleaner. Using the multi floor feature would be awesome to clean my hangar.

Beta is offered to all users, especially those with experience.

Open the App and from Home go to Account > scroll to bottom for About > Beta Program

I have added the WRV on the beta option in the App about as above, I still see ver 1.6.113. not the 1.6.126. Using App version 2.22,11

Submitted log 238751

Please help

Same here. I’m curious if they paused this beta version for users pending a new version

I’m also still on the last version.

My guess is that either they do a staged beta rollout (meaning a subset of users gets it, then another group, and so fourth … makes managing issues easier), they paused the deployment, or we’ve got something wrong with our accounts.

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same here.
I cannot get the 1.6.126 beta firmware, mine also shows 1.6.113.

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Same here as well. Mine also shows 1.6.113.

Funny, I can see the update available for a fraction of second and it goes away. I don’t think the beta version is available to all the beta testers. Have opened a ticket but no response yet.

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There’s another thread by a Wyze developer in the forums (can’t remember where, it’s not in the Beta section), posted a week ago with progress update (video and images).

Apparently the mapping isn’t in a wide group beta. It’ll supposedly be rolling out to the main beta users “in a few weeks.”

I suspect (as this is common with development) they have a smaller subgroup of users that have proven themselves good testers (file reports, give accurate feedback, etc.) that gets the major feature development betas before everyone else.

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I cannot get a firmware update past 1.6.113. My Wyze robot vacuum is under the list of beta items.

I am running the Wyze app for IOS version 2.22.16.

Please help.

I don’t understand how they choose who gets the updates. I am currently on 1.6.130

It’s likely automated. You’re in the group getting the beta right now as .130 is higher than the .126 build everyone has been asking about.

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See my prior post above your post.

This is the thread the developers discuss this update: Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better! - #7 by Illumination

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