Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Testing 3/22/2021

  • 1.6.113
  • Added indicators when connecting to WiFi and updating firmware

  • Optimized the mapping algorithm (use the Reset Map/Quick Mapping function to use this)

  • Optimized WiFi reconnection


Upgrade successful. Will need to clean some areas to see if the difference is noticable.

Same here, so far working properly without issues. I’ll try to reset the maps and check performance (time) improvements.

I’m fixing to remap. Should I wait for the firmware update? Is there a way to force the update?

Do you currently have problems remapping? It should be fine even without the firmware update. What I mean is that I’ll use this opportunity to compare mapping/routing improvements, eg. my kitchen map currently makes the robovac do 3-4 spins around the countertop during the complete run.

Good idea.

Firmware updated, but now I cannot get the device to connect back to the network.

Usually when my WRV disconnects from the wifi a wap reboot solves the issue, not this time…

Aside from deleting and re-adding, anyone have any pointers? I’ve had my WRV since first round of shipping and have never had this issue.

Tried goosing the home button, then the guy could not find his way home, so I had to give him a ride.

Removed and re-added the device, came back up, and map was still there.

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updated. and cleaned 1 room with no issues.

I’m confused. I was part of the testing, but I can’t find an app now that allows me to go to 1.6.113. The Beta app says it is up-to-date with 1.6.97?

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Update was downloaded successfully, no issues. Erased the existing map, did a “Quick Mapping” job and it did well. Kicked off a formal cleaning afterwards and it got about halfway around the perimeter and started to spin in circles. There was nothing blocking it, so not sure why it has issues. Still can’t dock itself on carpet, too. As a matter of fact, it’s worse now. It somehow moved the dock while trying dock itself, then the map thought the vacuum was on the other side of the room. Ugh!

Overall, glad to see a firmware update, but disappointed the vacuum still can’t be used (at least for me). Here’s to hoping more updates will come in quick succession!


I have a platform that my vac doc sits on, it is actually from a past shark IQ robot Vac i had. It seems to fix the lack of docking on carpet issue. The issue i still seem to have often is I select a room for it to go to and all the sudden on the map the doc has moved across the house and then the vac gets lost and never makes it to that room.

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Wow… these are some of the straightest lines i’ve seen mine draw… it’s like he sobered up!
Just wish it would handle my simple area rug without getting stuck every time… I shouldn’t have to box out a freaking RUG!

Does anybody know if the remapping with the new firmware allows you to split rooms from interior walls? Thanks

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It does not. only outside walls still.

Thanks. That’s disappointing to hear. I am glad we are seeing a new update, but it seems there are some glaring issues to still be resolved. Maybe most of them will be fixed with App updates not firmware.

I’ve got several rooms divided with no outside wall. Mostly they are divided at defined doorways, but kitchen to family room has no outside wall Living and Dining are divided with furniture and an inside wall…

How can I join the beta firmware program?

@lcasey001 Follow the instructions in this link below. :slightly_smiling_face:

How To Become a Beta Tester


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