Robot Vacuum firmware beta test 1/6/2021

VERSION: 1.6.87


  • Improved map editing

Help me understand. I have the Android beta app, but no map editing. I’ve heard some iOS users also don’t have it. So what is improved?

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OK! After applying the beta to the vacuum. I do indeed have the map editor!
Great job! All seems to work. I’m still testing. Merge, spilt, rename all good.

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Hi, like the map editor. Would be great to easily change the size of a room. The split option isn’t as helpful as I would like. Can you look into adjusting the walls so a room can be more than a rectangle or square.

Like the update. Couple issues is interior walls that form islands can’t be used to separate rooms. And I tried just doing one room and it wanted to do entire floorplan.

Another issue is if something moves and the vacuum can’t get to a spot it got before, it will not give up trying to get back in. Stubborn but if it’s running when you aren’t there it’ll burn the whole battery in one spot.

Map editor will not let me split a room in half. Keeps insisting that one end-of-line point be a corner, which forces the room to be a triangle.
Agreee with @mikera67 about using islands (or furniture) to be end points for splitting a room. Would be great to be able to do this in large great room type areas just to do high traffic areas especially on a schedule.

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After installing this update I spilt one of the large rooms in two and selected just the two newly split rooms to clean. It did follow the split line and separated them for cleaning. Problem is it also cleaned a third room that wasn’t selected. When it finished a meager appeared saying the map had changed and asked if I wanted to save the new map. The new saved map now does not include two other rooms that were not part of this cleaning. Even though the boundaries are still showing on the map I cannot select them for cleaning. I guess I will have to a “whole house” cleaning again and readjust the map after that?

I have same problem with interior walls. My dining room is central and has 3 walls. I cannot close that off ie: split it from the hall.

What was interesting in the initial mapping, it created a doorway into the living room using a wall and the sofa. So I believe the “logic” is in the software. Just maybe modify the editor?
@WyzeAndy thoughts?

How do I get the beta firmware for vac? Only cams got upgraded

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Hi there.
How did you find the beta?

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Does anyone know if we will have the ability to have two different floor maps? Like 1st floor, and 2nd floor.

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Yes, we really need the multi floor maps. If I take the vacuum to new floor, it looses all the mapping of the previous floor with all its virtual walls and everything.

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So the map editor worked perfectly for my needs in separating my primary floor just how I want it… so kuddos on the map editor thus far.

My experience. The WRV just does not execute properly. Since editing my map I have sent the WRV on 6 or 7 cleaning tasks and it does not complete as requested. In the latest I told it to clean the back entry as shown below. It ran for 4 minutes on the line you see in the screen shot and announced it was done and returned to the charger. So far the experience with the beta release has been much worse than the production app in terms of the device cleaning where I want it to.

Ticket has been submitted with log.

Same as others have reported, Unable to use interior walls as dividing points. Also have had it try and go through an interior wall several times, It will spin the wheels trying to go trough the wall. It was set to clean a room on the other side of the wall -
Also, I would love to have an option to map only - the vacuum would not run, Thus it would have enough battery to map a larger home in one shot. I tried setting the suction to minimum and that does help some.

All in all, very happy with my purchase and the price point. I knew going in this was a first gen product and it would take a couple of revs to get the firmware right.


I split and merged and split rooms today using a combination of both interior and exterior walls without problems. I have a very old house with walls of both plaster&lathe and sheetrock. Wonder if the density is a factor?
Only issue I’ve had was a dog food dish in the path causing it to spin in circles, then skip part of the room.

Almost the same exact result today when executing Back entry cleaning.

But a perfect living room execution

Cleaned Kitchen perfectly and failed on dining room.

Think I am going to wipe the map away and rebuild from scratch since there is new firmware and the editable map.

The editing works good, now it needs a rotate, my map is about 30 degrees off.

@mrjackson I have read in multiple threads that the map will generate at an angle if the charger itself is at an angle. Many have suggested that if the charger is “level” against a back wall and preferably on a hard floor surface rather than carpet the angle of map is corrected. My charger was oriented in such a way and pretty straight :grin:. Hope this helps a little, if you wanna remap.

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