About Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.113

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum users,

As you may have noticed, we just released the 1.6.113 beta firmware version with an optimized mapping algorithm early this week. Have you tried this latest version?

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.6.113:

  1. Added indicators when connecting to WiFi and updating firmware
  2. Optimized the mapping algorithm (use the Reset Map/Quick Mapping function to use this)
  3. Optimized WiFi reconnection

Speaking of the optimized mapping algorithm, we would like to introduce what we did and how we did it. Recently, we received some issue reports that the map went wrong and some areas rotated and overlapped after a few runs.

After tons of log analysis, our engineering team found the causes of the mapping issue. One of them is that the cap pillars of the LiDAR sensor lead to an accumulated error of the LiDAR data. The accumulated error has a certain chance to affect the final mapping result.
How did we optimize the algorithm? In short, we excluded these 3 pillars’ dirty data from all LiDAR data. According to our lab testing results, the LiDAR data precision has been improved and the mapping result is much better. We believe it is time to expand the scope of testing and start beta testing. In order to use the new mapping algorithm, the old mapping data needs to be deleted, which means you need to reset the map and perform a quick mapping first to use this new algorithm.

Please feel free to share your mapping experience with the latest firmware. Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality, or other problems with this beta firmware, please let us know immediately by submitting a log and contacting our Wyze Customer Support.

We also found some other cases that would affect the results of mapping and cleaning. Please try to avoid the following situations in order to get a better result:

  • The vacuum was manually moved during cleaning.
  • The floor/carpet is uneven or the vacuum is stuck/trapped on the threshold (going back and forth) for a short time during cleaning. Similar scenario: a small rug or something is stuck under the vacuum and slightly lifts the vacuum during cleaning.
  • The vacuum slipped during cleaning.
  • There were some major changes to the room layout without a remapping (eg. furniture, boxes on the ground)


  • Update the firmware and re-create your map using “Quick mapping”:

  • 2.18 app users: Settings > Reset Map > go back to Home screen and press “Quick mapping”

  • 2.19 and later app users: Press the “Edit Map” button in the lower-right corner of the home screen and then select “Quick mapping”


If the map displayed on the Home screen goes wrong right after a cleaning task, please go to “Edit Map” to check if the map is also wrong. If not, start a new cleaning. The correct map should be restored.

Hope this can help you learn more about your Wyze Robot Vacuum and our team. We will continue to improve this product and release more cool features. Thank you very much for your support!


This is great to know what has changed and it’s exceptionally informative to know what was causing the issue. This will help explain it to others if they happen to run into the same issues. Thank you so much for the update and I look forward to being able to test it!


This is good to hear, can’t wait to see how it works! Anyone know when we will see multiple maps? I have 2 floors and each floor has a step down, so having the ability to save 4-5 different maps would be huge for me. I inevitably have to remap every few weeks because I have to pick it up and move it so much. Maybe this will help fix the issue.


Thanks for the feedback! We are working on cool features and a better user experience. Stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a reason why we can’t use a interior wall to split a room sometimes? The interior wall line is blue when viewing the map but then changes to light grey when I’m trying to split a room so I’m not able to use that was to connect my lines to. I think @kabe586 mentioned that in this other thread…

Also, on the second floor, the map creates a room where it is impossible to be vacuumed. It is just air and open space to the first floor below. Is there any way to delete the open air space or delete an area?


You say to avoid this situation:

I have something similar, where a hammock I have is on an indoor tube frame. The frame is made up of tubing too low for the LIDAR or pressure sensors to see.

Something to think about is the automatic exclusions of these areas, or at least a notification to the user to look into the situation. I fixed mine to some degree by drawing a 1" or so wide virtual wall over the hammock frame parts that touch the carpet. But if that 1" wall is drawn slightly too wide, then the vacuum doesn’t vacuum between the frame parts anymore.

Also, we REALLY need to divide rooms at something other than hard wall corners, including dividing spaces using the middles of virtual walls.


This is because the current mapping algorithm uses exterior walls to identify rooms. It can not distinguish interior walls from other objects/furniture, so interior walls are not seen as walls that can be used to split rooms. We are working on improving our mapping algorithm and the user experience of room division.


Thank you for the feedback and I will pass your idea back to our engineering team. We are working on improving the user experience of diving spaces. :wink:


How can I get this update as there have been major issues with my vacuum.

this will help - How To Become A Beta Tester - Beta - Wyze Community (wyzecam.com)

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This new quick mapping did not work for me. It mapped out the rooms quickly, but it did not see them correctly and I had to redo it AGAIN the normal way. Sure do wish we could edit a single room (dang those shut doors) or have the ability to edit the maps with interior walls, not just exterior.


Appreciate the update, but there are really only two issues I have with the vacuum:

  1. I get gigantic combined rooms because I’m unable to split using interior walls

  2. I have to remap continually because I’m unable to save maps (for a two-story house).

Fixing those 2 things would allow me to encourage others to buy. At this point, I’m in wait and see mode.

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Yes, we need to be able to save maps for multiple floors.

And it would be nice to be able to spot clean an area on demand!


Thanks…I have had this issue in the past.

Just to clarify, can we “just” do a Quick Map after update, or do we need Reset Map AND then Quick Map?

Also…I echo the thought of others, I’d love the ability to save multiple floors, even if it means buying another charging station for the “home” position on that floor.

The remapping : 620 SQ ft. In about 7 minutes

Approximately 432’

on newest firmware

Anyone else noticing the vacuum getting stuck on things that weren’t a problem before this firmware? Furniture legs… sometimes nothing?

@jjt – Yes, it still seems to have a hard time on our numerous square feet of hexagonal tile flooring.
In doing the quick map it seemed hung for at least 2 minutes at junction of a thin wall and a step-down to another room. Then it rather quickly revisited the dropoff edge, and returned to charge.
Waiting to see how it does now on a real cleaning run based upon the quick map.
edit – P.S. It did fine!

Hello Wyze team,

I, like many others have anxiously been waiting to be able to divide rooms and I hope that you won’t stop there. It would be nice to also be able to set clean zones like my roomba i7. I have clean zones such as “eating area”, "kitchen island, “front door”, etc. Often times these are high traffic area that I need cleaned in a hurry when someone calls and says they’re coming over. So I understand that the wyze vac is identifying rooms by exterior walls but room or no room I hope that the the map editor will allow us to split or mark just about anything in the map for cleaning.


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Yes it would cross a threshold. Never did that before