Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

Hello, I have a suggestion, where do I need to?

Wyze Robot Vacuum Suggestion

I have a suggestion, I have the Wyze Robot Vacuum and love it! It would be nice to have an option to scan my entire house. Basically SCAN MODE. In Scan Mode, I will have every door open to every room I want cleaned and the vacuum will only scan in this mode building the map for my entire house. Afterwards, I can label each room as well as designate areas. I have noticed some times the vacuum will merge several rooms together. I’d like to label rooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc. Just a suggestion, I hope this helps.

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I’d like an option to map the floor only without needing to do a complete vacuum clean as well.


Me to. Being able to map the house would be so much easier. I can’t seem to get it to do a map of the whole house. It seems to get stuck circling around and not ever making it to anywhere but my frontroom and kitchen


Me 3. The mapping functionality needs a lot of babysitting and having
a scan mode without actual cleaning will help a lot.


Agree - this is a critical issue. Getting a correct map is currently somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible, i’ve started over 3 times now and each time, it gets confused because it can’t get around some obstacle (e.g. an office chair) and ends up missing entire rooms or areas. Need it to be able to have it re-scan with the vacuum turned off.

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Same problem. Maps one room, states it is finished and goes back to charger. How do you get it to clean other rooms?

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i agree I am having a hard time getting the mapping to complete.

Yes! I want it learn the map without spending time cleaning the room. This is especially needed during covid when many of us are at home all day and don’t have the patience to deal with a noisy vacuum spending multiple charge cycles to learn a map. It’s pretty noisy, even on quiet. It’s been quite a chore to figure out how to determine how to finish mapping.

A bucket of Brownie Points for the clear description of a need function, THANKS!!!

I, too, would like a no-vac “scan only” mode. It took 8 tries before my vac managed to complete an accurate whole house scan.

Interestingly, every time the bot lost its connection with the mother ship it began to remap the house again but each time it did so it flipped its map by about 60 degrees… WITHOUT erasing the original map! See attached photo.

Is this case the “break” appears to have been triggered when the bot couldn’t figure out how to get out of a small corner that it had no trouble getting IN to. It made a successful escape after several minutes of effort trying to only go FORWARD (odd) after which the map broke and the bot headed off to build a new map on top of the original.


Voting for the map only scan function to complete the map in one charge.


I want some of the Scan and Map only mode as well.

I would like this function as well. Mapping does not need to include vacuuming as it drains the battery and is unnecessary on initial setup.

If I could add something to the mapping function, I would make selective area remapping an option. Let’s say you move a piece of furniture, you could select an area or room and request a remap. Rather than remapping the entire house, it would simply remap the selected area/room.


This. I had the very same problem. I had to erase the map and start over. This needs major work.

I would love to be able to straighten out my floor layout. Some reason my floor is turned like 5degrees. This causes the vacuum to act strange in the hallways.

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Similar problem here. The vac veers right when heading one direction but straight when going the other. It crosses over part of a previously vacuumed area. I’ve tried resetting the map but it still does the same thing.

agree with all you suggested…

BUT also need to be able to send the machine to a specific area when needed to be cleaned

AND need to be able to create a specific area to avoid… ie a rug with fringe… or a table it gets stuck under

How do i send the machine to areas it just flat out missed… did not scan did not clean… How do i get the robot to add this area into the map???

Yet another vote for scan only mode

The areas you want the bot to ignore you simply create a virtual wall and place it over the desire area where you don’t want the bot to vacuum

Agree, Scan or Map mode is definitely needed. But along with that there should be a variety of MAP modes:

  1. Whole house
  2. Room by Room ( Same as Floor by floor)

You should be able to save each map you have created and edit and use them either individually or in a combination. Maps should be allowed to be stored locally.

With Room by Room (Floor by floor) you should be able to relocate the home base charger unit where it was mapped to during the MAP or SCAN mode operation.