Wyze Robot Vacuum - Information about Quick Mapping and a GIVEAWAY!

5/7/2021 UPDATE:


Congratulations @outdoorsman82 @tlfurgason @gnstoddard @jaybondoo7 @diArdi for winning the Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit Giveaway! Winners were randomly selected from 400+ entries.

Please send me a DM with your email address and I will contact you for the next steps.

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped make this activity such a great success. We really appreciate your support!

4/21/2021 Original Post:

Hey, Wyze Robot Vacuum users!

Wyze Robot Vacuum firmware version 1.6.113 has been officially released. With this new firmware and the Quick Mapping function, the vacuum’s mapping will be faster and more accurate. Learn more

WHAT’S NEW IN 1.6.113:

  • Optimized the mapping algorithm (use the Reset Map/Quick Mapping function to enable this)
  • Added indicators when connecting to WiFi and updating firmware
  • Optimized WiFi reconnection

Another exciting piece of news is:

The Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit (consisting of 4 HEPA filters, 4 edge brushes, and 2 main brushes) will be available in the Wyze store in a few weeks.

Would you like to win a free replacement parts kit shipped as soon as it is available?

If yes, here is the chance for you:

  • Like this post (click that heart!)
  • Reply to this post with a screenshot of your Quick Mapping result and provide an estimated size of your floor plan
  • Include your vacuum’s name (please change it to something PG or PG-13 if needed before posting to stay within Community Guidelines) and firmware version in your post by midnight Pacific Time on April 30th

We will draw 5 winners from all participants to give away a replacement parts kit with free shipping. Winners will be announced by May 7th.

Here is an example:

My ‘Robot Vacuum’ mapped out my 1,400ft² main floor in 10 minutes.

What’s Quick Mapping and how do you use it?

In the Quick Mapping mode, the vacuum scans the entire floor but does not clean so it can quickly map out the environment in a much shorter time

Before using the function, please make sure your app and firmware are both up to date. Your robot vacuum firmware should be 1.6.113 or above and your app version should start with 2.19 or higher.

Then, go to the Wyze app and follow the path from Home > Wyze Robot Vacuum page > Edit Map icon > Quick mapping

Please share your mapping experience with the latest firmware. If you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality, or other problems with this firmware, please let us know immediately by submitting a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a log and then contacting Wyze Customer Support.


The Wyze Robot Vacuum team


Wanda used her Lidar Vision to map out 1250 sq ft in 8 min on 1.6.113 firmware. She is just returning to base.

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Poopsy’s her name, and cleaning’s her game. She quick maps this small 700 sf home in about 8 minutes. She really needs some new parts to keep her game on par. She’s working as this post goes up.

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“Stoffel de Robot” was named after a beloved turtle from an old timey Dutch children’s TV series. He makes his rounds every Wednesday morning at 2 AM. It usually takes him about an hour to clean the ~400sqft main room in which he usually resides. He is currently using fw # 1.6.113, but is very much looking forward to multi-mapping capabilities!


The edit map icon is not on my screen just the virtual wall icon.
App v3.5.3
Firmware 1.6.113
Had to change app to v2.19.14


Not sure where you get the v3.5.3 from, but the App version should be something like v2.19… or v2.18… (in which case there would be an update available to v2.19)

Probably because it’s beta

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Could be. That could also be the reason that the icon is missing. Or maybe it’s in another spot in the beta App.

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Wilma just finished quick mapping after her firmware upgrade to 1.6.113


I dont want to remap my floor since everything is working perfect at this time. I would though like to know if this replacement parts kit is available to order since we have had our vacuum for some time and I would imagine some of the filters, brushes and rollers need to be replaced.


Name of Vaccum: First Floor Vaccum

Andrew Mass

Read the article, they say it right there. “The Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit (consisting of 4 HEPA filters, 4 edge brushes, and 2 main brushes) will be available in the Wyze store in a few weeks.”

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Wyze Robot completed re-mapping 463 ft in 6 minutes.

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Cleanardo Di Caprio is busy flirting with Kate Rinselet, can’t come to the phone right now


Roland the robot :robot: puts in hard work everyday to keep our 827 sq ft clean! He is jamming on the new 1.6.113 firmware.

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My vacuum, Rosie,

mapped out my 2000sqft main floor in about 20 minutes.
FW version: 1.6.113

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Tuna good and working hard at approximately 924 Sq ft. Running good ol’ 1.6.113 firmware!


Does this fix from editing. Can’t split rooms without checking to outside wall…