Wyze Robot Vacuum - Replacement parts & accessories

Hello Trevor,
Can you shoot me a link to the correct battery on Amazon? I see a cell phone battery, that can’t be the battery for the vacuum…

purchased the robot vaccum about 3 weeks ago. Trying to be pro-active, I want to be able to order replacement parts to have ready in case something happens where a brush needs replaced or a filter needs replaced. My bot goes 3 times per week. Normal wear and tear probably gives me 6 months before I will want to look at replacing those items. apparently they do not have a way to do that as of yet so I really don’t know what a person is to do IF something were to happen where the gets into something and you HAVE to replace it…So, if you own a wyze vaccum, you probably better vote for it it so that we can get replacement parts. I have had robot vaccums for years and never had a problem getting replacement parts until today.


You can order replacement parts that are listed for the Xiaomi STYJ20YM/STYTJ20YM vacuums. They’re the same model. I’ve done so with filters and brushbars from ebay. Cheap and easy to get, although shipping from China often takes a long time.


Please hurry, My side brush is toast. Any recommendations for replacement parts for other vacuums that will fit the wyze vac?

Note that electronics manufacturers of goods priced over $100 in California must, by law, offer spare parts for at least seven years under the Lemon Law. An alternative is to replace the product sold initially.

It would appear that with the Robot Vacuums, Wyze violates this law. https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lazarus-20151211-column.html

If Wyze doesn’t show up with a channel for spare/repair parts for the vacuums, they could be subject to civil prosecution or class action.

It is absolutely crazy that Wyze has not set up a store for parts and consumables, particularly when there are clearly sources of supply for these parts that are used by other manufacturers.

Has the company ever recommended going to the Xiaomi store or something similar for parts? Have they ever confirmed that these parts work in Wyze units and installing them will not breach the warranty?


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Exciting news!



2 for $20! Should be free shipping… I get mine from Banggood for cheap… It’s more than just filters. BTW - I think you’re a troll.

You are certainly welcome to your opinion. Not sure what prompted the personal attack.

I have five Wyze Vacuums in my home so if a troll, still a decent customer.

I am frustrated by products where the party isn’t as good as the invitation. I just wish the vacuums didn’t have the flaws that they do. Most all of them were preventable if Wyze had just bothered to spend more time designing the product.

Shouldn’t be infinitely circling on my carpets, Shouldn’t get stuck at the stairway newel. Shouldn’t have the constant problems docking. Shouldn’t be scratching the baseboards. Offsetting the roller to one edge of the disk would have provided coverage closer to the carpet edges.

Is it unreasonable to expect a product that actually works?

And is it a “troll” to clearly articulate these flaws so that perhaps Wyze can fix them in the next iteration? I hold the view that consumers vote with their dollars and with their voices.

I’ll accept the term “activist” consumer. I feel no need to be a cheerleader when the job is half finished. Criticism of the vacuum is justified, reasonable, and objective.

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My god they are expensive!!! Got mine off aliexpress for much less.


I am really not being a jerk, I am genuinely curious! I’m surprised that you would have 5 Wyze vacuums in your house when you don’t think that they work very well at all. Are you a professional tester/reviewer? I bought one hoping it would work amazingly well, then maybe buy another. Jury is still out…

You ask a fair enough question there…

First of all, I have a large home that needs five vacuums because of floors and level changes (one area is down three steps.) Could use seven, but five was my limit.

I had hoped they would eliminate all of the vacuuming, but am now resigned that they “help out” but aren’t really anywhere as good as a human, and certainly cannot/shouldn’t be used as the sole source of vacuuming. This was a disappointment…the manufacturers don’t tell you all the ways their products don’t live up to the dream they are selling. (And I still believe 95% of the Wyze Robot Vacuum’s deficiencies could be overcome by hiring GOOD engineers…for example, offsetting the roller brush to one side of the disk would vastly improve perimeter coverage.)

As it turns out, I Ghost Write quite a number of product reviews. I have Asperger’s which makes me very patient, observant, and meticulous. I have high expectations for machines. What I write generally is massaged one time and then makes it into other’s reviews or becomes an outline for a You-Tube “influencer”, depending upon who is asking me for an opinion.

I used to be a product manager, typically translating customer/market needs into engineering design specifications. That was a great job. (Now retired.)

So that’s why (a) I have so many of these Wyze Robots and (b) why my expectations are that they will actually work and (c) why I am so disappointed by the [shoddy] Wyze implementation. (They could always hire me cheap to help them design a real working version but…right…Wyze doesn’t actually design anything…they are just a marketing front for Xiaomi in China.)


Great answer. Thanks.
I guess if you have a house that big, then dropping that kind of $$ on 5 vacuums isn’t a big deal. More power to you!

Hey @Kenny - any update on when replacement parts will be available, and what the cost will be? Especially interested in price for HEPA filters and edge brushes. Thanks!


The filters and brushes for the vacuum need to be made available for purchase on the website. These items are consumable and the device is useless without them being maintained. Currently you can only get these items by contacting sustomer service. Look on Amazon for all of the replement parts for ANY other vaccum and they are there by the droves. Please make these items available. Most important to get up soon are the filters and side brush as they wear the fastest.


Why are these replacement parts STILL NOT available? This is pretty ridiculous considering I’ve had my vacuum since January… Please make these replacement parts available.

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I get mine on Banggood.com, search for Xiaomi STYJ02YM. They’re cheap, and delivery isn’t bad. I just got a shipment 2 days ago, that too about a week from order.



What is the update?? This post is from February and they are still not available!!! This is terrible!

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I heard that it will be online soon.

It’s been 6 months and this button still does nothing. The roller brush is also starting to look worn. And the first spinning helicopter brush that came with the vacuum has already been replaced with the included additional brush.

Really need an update here otherwise I’m just gonna buy a 3d printer and make my own parts.

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