Wyze Robot Vacuum Battery Replacement

Please offer a replacement battery purchase option for the Wyze Robot Vacuum. I bought the preorder version and now need to replace the battery. The only replacement option I’ve found ship from China and takes months.

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My robot vacuum is beginning to have to recharge too often and needs a new battery i suspect. There is one available on line at 21 dollars and the alibaba wholesale price is 11 dollars. Perhaps you could stock these batteries and have them available for long time users.

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Batteries from early shipments of the Wyze Robot Vacuum are degrading to the point of rendering this otherwise excellent appliance a doorstop. Please provide access to and instructions for battery replacements, there is no reason other than the failed battery that my previously faithful Oscar can’t continue to serve us for many more years.


If you use you tube search for "

How to replace robo-vacuum battery - Xiaomi STYTJ02YM Battery Replacement" and you will find that it is identical to the wyze robot vac except for color. The video will even suggest a place where you can order the replacement for $32. It is AliExpress. Mine is on the way.

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You may find this helpful if they will publish it: https://m.aliexpress.us/item/3256804275029987.html?pdp_npi=2%40dis%21USD%21US%20%2442.47%21%2421.24%21%21%21%21%21%402101d1b316745870601734189e9c46%2112000029251314171%21btf&_t=pvid%3A55f46752-ef08-415f-bdaf-930677be76d2&afTraceInfo=1005004461344739__msite__c_ppc_item_bridge__xxxxxx__1674587060&spm=a2g0n.ppclist.product.0&gatewayAdapt=gloPc2usaMsite&_randl_shipto=US

Thanks Bill,

Yes I found this and already ordered one. Wyze needs to make this “official” and provide a viable solution though.

The replacement from China won’t arrive until April. Price with shipping is not commensurate with the value. The quality of these batteries is clearly very poor, my 3-year old iPhone, which gets charged every day, still has 70% of its original longevity. My 2-year old Wyze vac has <10% its original capacity.

Couldn’t agree more. It is really irresponsible to sell the vacuum without a thought about battery replacement. Not the sort of behavior I expect from you guys!!!

Just ordered one. My robot vac was one of the first batch sold. I remember sending Wyze $$ up front to fund the vacuum so the battery will be failing in the near future. Always like to have a spare.


After 666 successful schedule runs, my battery is now dead and it goes from 100 percent to dead in about 10 feet from the charging station. This needs to be something Wyze offers on its website.

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Following up on the replacement batteries from AliExpress- I received mine today (well in advance of the April estimate). It’s a simple direct replacement; all you need is a small Phillips screwdriver to remove 4 small screws securing a rectangular hatch under the rotary brush cover.

It seems likely that most or all of the early units will be experiencing battery failure to the point of inoperability in the near future. It would behoove Wyze to get ahead of this and offer replacement batteries as an expendable part. A 2 year lifespan on a robovac is unacceptable.

Edit: further update. New battery is excellent. Over an hour running, 600 sqft, cleaned, and still >60% charge left! Oscar’s back!


I’m glad the new battery worked for you! I didn’t see anyone reach out to Wyze support on this issue – I did today, and I’m not very happy with the response. Very disappointed in Wyze not standing behind their product and stocking a consumable item for their customers.

*Jessaia A (Wyze) *
*Feb 20, 2023, 8:57 AM PST *
Hi whizzysyr,

Thank you for following up! We appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot with us. We would like to offer a replacement for this unit but it looks like this product is outside of the warranty period and unfortunately is not eligible for a replacement. Also, we don’t offer replacement batteries for Wyze Robot Vacuum. Please feel free to check out our Returns & Warranty Policy if you have any further questions.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and do appreciate your understanding.

If you have any other concerns or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

Thank you for being part of Wyze and stay safe always!

All the best,
Jessaia l WYZE Wizard

*Feb 20, 2023, 8:50 AM PST *
Wyze Robot Vacuum will not charge, dead battery, need replacement.
I love my Robot Vacuum, but after 667 jobs, the battery no longer works. It charges to 100%, but goes across the floor about 10 feet and dies. I changed the suction level from high to quiet and it goes a bit further in its cleaning pattern, about 30 feet but stops. The battery is rapidly decaying under load and needs to be replaced.
Do you offer a replacement battery or similar program for me to get this resolved? I found cross-references to a part number that works in another vacuum but all of the stock is in China and ships from there, so if I ordered it, it wouldn’t show up until late March or mid April.
Reviewing the Wyze Wish List and Forums there seems to be alot of Robot Vacuum owners who have suddently started having this problem at the beginning of the year… Likely because they also have a high number of charge cycles on the battery.
Wyze should offer replacement batteries as a consumable part in their store and keep them stocked in the US so that as the vacuums age people can buy the parts they need to keep it functional.
I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXXX if you wish to discuss more.
Thank you.
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Ive learned, early on, anything that Wyze sells with a battery…do not buy. These robot vacuums were my last go rou d. 3 vacs, and 2 are on the shelf waiting for batteries to arrive. As they die, im replqcing them with a different company WITH batteries and supplies in stock. I had the first sensors amd onve the battery died, the product died. New battery or not, dead…no wyze support.

I would like to let everyone know the AliExpress part number circulated in this thread:

This worked for me and arrived the fastest. I ordered it on Feb 20, it arrived on March 3. (11 days) to transit from China to Syracuse, NY with the standard shipping offer. Quite impressive. I placed a duplicate order in parallel from another seller on e-Bay for the same part, also shipping from China and it was a few dollars more, but it has not arrived yet. (22 days and counting). The promised delivery dates for both were mid-March to the end of April. But AliExpress seems to have their shipping process down and appears to be delivering product much quicker than promised.

The part that did arrive went in very easily just as shown by TomG on the thread, and it’s working great, I have 9 consecutive nights of good vacuum sessions (52-56 min, 500 square feet on high suction) under my belt and it’s been working great with a new battery.

One cautionary tale, after putting the battery in, it detected about a 48% residual charge and fully charged (so it thought) on the charger once I replaced it. However, it died overnight during its first run about 20 feet away from the charger stand, with no trace of the event in the app. I was concerned, as this was similar to what it was doing before I replaced the battery. But what I think had happened was the battery shipped to me was likely much lower than 48% and the vacuum just had a wrong detection of the battery capacity on initial installation, and needed a full battery discharge/recharge cycle to figure it out. After this happened once, and it fully charged from 0-100%, things have been working great… I just wanted to let people know that they might expect this behavior and to not freak out if it happens the first 1 or 2 times after replacing the battery.

It’s a shame that Wyze can’t buy a bunch of these and have them for sale, quick support for its customers at a reasonable price/delivery time. Such a simple fix… Instead their support claims there’s nothing you can do and you should buy a new unit. I’m not sure why they have to make this so difficult. This experience certainly has given me pause for considering any future products they make with high price points. If you can’t support and stock basic consumable parts, it undermines Wyze’s credibility for creating any product with a non-disposable price-point.


Very glad this finally became a topic to vote on. I recently needed to replace mine and ended up sourcing a replacement from AliExpress. The replacement works fine for the most part, but my vacuum will die in the middle of a cleaning session now if it’s too long of a job, or if I have it set to high suction and the job takes 45 minutes, or more. My guess is that either the charging circuit needs to be reset somehow to work properly with the new battery, or the replacement battery is junk.

I love my vac. But it has a “not quite ready for prime time” aura about it. This runs through most of the comments above.

You may remember when replacement brushes were out of stock for months? The instructions that came with mine (a couple of months ago) were really minimal. Sort of needed to figure it out yourself (e.g spot cleaning nowhere to be found). Details about adding a room a not found. (I don’t think you can. Do you really need to remap the whole kibosh?) And now no hint that they thought about battery life. Replacements not available & no mention about how to replace even if you had one.

I’ve found this problem across their line. Clever stuff but a bit more attention to the customer please.

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I’ve had my two robot vacs (one for each level of my home) for less than 2 years and the batteries are now unable to handle more than about 50 percent of the floor coverage without having to go back to the charger station for a recharge. There are quite a few tutorials about replacing batteries on YouTube, but none for the Wyze model. Unfortunately, there are no screw holes like the other brands have, so I’m hesitant to start prying off what may be the battery cover. And no tutorial here—perhaps Wyze expects us to just pitch the vac and buy a new one every couple years…

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There is a tutorial on how to make the super easy swap here: Battery replacement tutorial

If you flip the unit over and remove the main brush, you will see (4) small phillips head screws that hold the battery compartment on. Remove those, remove the cover, unplug the battery, and installation is the reverse of removal.

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Thank you very much! I’m glad I didn’t just start prying away on the cover. I’ll get a couple ordered and hopefully be back to full charge once again.


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Robot wants me to replace brushes and filters, but I want a new battery since it now needs to recharge twice to complete the task that used to run on a single charge. So I reached out to Wyze support. No dice:

As of now, we do not have any battery replacement for the robot vacuum. But no worries you can try purchasing an extra battery for your robot vacuum from our authorized sellers. Currently, our authorized sellers are Target com (shipped and sold by Target ), Chewy com (shipped and sold by Chewy ), Amazon com (shipped and sold by Amazon com, does not extend to international Amazon marketplaces ), MicroCenter, PetSmart , Home Depot , Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, and select Amazon Books locations in the U.S.

I hope this helps!

No worries…. Hope this helps…. Not really. All I found is that I can order a random Lithium Ion battery from some obscure manufacturers in China that may work and hope they don’t burst into flames in the middle of the night.

I think I will instead decommission the vacuum when the battery gets too weak to be useful and get a product that actually has product support from the “manufacturer”.

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