Disenchanted with Wyze Robot Vacuum (no longer supported?)

Our Wyze Robot Vacuum worked very well for a year – until the latest firmware update BRICKED IT.

We’ve tried everything to get it running again. Wyze Support has been lame at best.

As the unit was used 3x a week, maybe the problem is a dendrited-out lithium-Ion battery? GOOD LUCK FINDING A REPLACEMENT!

Seriously, Wyze – are you even supporting this model anymore? Or are you getting out of the vacuum market completely?

Sadly, this robot vacuum is now destined for the trashbin. The experience has really soured us on WYZE.


I will buy it. Let me know in a PM if you are interested in selling it rather than trashing it.

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Replacement batteries have been found online. Just because Wyze doesn’t sell them doesn’t mean that they aren’t available.

Solutions for an update bricked vacuum have also been suggested. Reports from one user are that it worked.