Robot Vacuum Battery Replacement

Excellent! let us know how the retrofit goes. You’re pioneering this for all of us, so detail your experiences, it will be much appreciated.

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Whoops. All back together. The original battery still lasts almost an hour. I verified it is a direct replacement. No need to remove the black box that covers the batttery.

Replacing the battery is easy. Remove the roller brush cover and you will see 4 small Philips head screws holding a cover down. Remove these screws, lift the cover off, pull the battery out, and disconnect the plug from the vacuum. Installation is the reverse of removal.

I just wanted to verify the battery was correct so when it fails I don’t have to wait for the slow boat from China.


@TomG ,
Thanks for the input and a solution for a battery replacement. Now, let’s finish the job TomG and enclose a link for all to use!
Regards, and Thanks!

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I found the battery from another post in this forum, but here it is again

[US $20.84 50% Off | Replacement Original Li-ion Battery Pack For VIOMI V2 V2pro V3 V3pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner rechargeable parts 2800mAh


Thank You @TomG !!
This Valuable information is a keeper.
Regards, @stargazeriinh
Capt. Rob

Here are some photos showing how to replace the battery on a Wyze WVCR200S robot vacuum.

Invert the vacuum and remove the main roller brush.

Remove the 4 Philips head screws holding the battery cover.

Remove the battery cover exposing the battery.

Lift the battery straight out being careful not to yank the wires out.

Disconnect the connector by squeezing the latch.

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly. The wiring from the battery to the vacuum needs to be tucked in so the covers will close.


TomG you rock man! Thank you for pioneering this for all of us!
Just placed my order for the battery.


I would like to let everyone know the AliExpress part number circulated above worked for me and arrived the fastest. I ordered it on Feb 20, it arrived on March 3. (11 days) to transit from China to Syracuse, NY with the standard shipping offer. Quite impressive. I placed a duplicate order in parallel from another seller on e-Bay for the same part, also shipping from China and it was a few dollars more, but it has not arrived yet. (22 days and counting). The promised delivery dates for both were mid-March to the end of April. But AliExpress seems to have their shipping process down and appears to be delivering product much quicker than promised.

The part that did arrive went in very easily just as shown by TomG on the thread, and it’s working great, I have 9 consecutive nights of good vacuum sessions (52-56 min, 500 square feet on high suction) under my belt and it’s been working great with a new battery.

One cautionary tale, after putting the battery in, it detected about a 48% residual charge and fully charged (so it thought) on the charger once I replaced it. However, it died overnight during its first run about 20 feet away from the charger stand, with no trace of the event in the app. I was concerned, as this was similar to what it was doing before I replaced the battery. But what I think had happened was the battery shipped to me was likely much lower than 48% and the vacuum just had a wrong detection of the battery capacity on initial installation, and needed a full battery discharge/recharge cycle to figure it out. After this happened once, and it fully charged from 0-100%, things have been working great… I just wanted to let people know that they might expect this behavior and to not freak out if it happens the first 1 or 2 times after replacing the battery.

It’s a shame that Wyze can’t buy a bunch of these and have them for sale, quick support for its customers at a reasonable price/delivery time. Such a simple fix… Instead their support claims there’s nothing you can do and you should buy a new unit. I’m not sure why they have to make this so difficult. This experience certainly has given me pause for considering any future products they make with high price points. If you can’t support and stock basic consumable parts, it undermines Wyze’s credibility for creating any product with a non-disposable price-point.


Thank you whizzysyr. I ordered my battery from AliExpress on March 3rd. The delivery ETA is early May. Hopefully it will arrive sooner. Good to hear the replacement worked well. Thx for the heads-up on the possible battery charging issue on first use. Agree about Wyze not providing this easy direct battery swap as an option, It sounds lke a no brainer.

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@whizzysyr , Good Job, and also the heads up on the charging back to 100% .
The unit does remember its charge state I’ve noticed. when it leaves the docking station and then returns for docking it proceeds to charge in full I have noticed. My app said 100% but I knew it was only 75% sent it to spot-clean only when done it charged a full 100%. Thanks again!
Capt. Rob

A cordless vacuum I have, on first use they wanted you to use it until depleted (turns off on its own), then charge to full in order to calibrate the charge percentage. It has a removable battery pack, so maybe the battery has a fuel gauge type chip that keeps track.

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The estimated delivery date for the battery was sometime in April.
I received it about a week ago.

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For anyone here who hasn’t found it yet, there is a current #wishlist Topic created in January asking Wyze to sell replacement batteries for the vacuum.

I do see that some users here have already found it and posted, but if you haven’t, please follow the link, Vote, Like, & Post to support the request.

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SlabSlayer! You know what they say about a WISH list!
Stephen King — 'Wish in one hand, [Mod Edit] in the other, see which one fills up first… LOL

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Apologies if this question should be in a new thread, but it leans heavily to battery replacement.

I’ll be at year 2 on this battery in June. From history details:
82 Tasks, 30,718 sq ft and 3,779 minutes.

As a comparison, a 3-room, 420 sqft area back in Sept 2021 consumed 40% of the battery according to history.
Today, that same room configuration consumed 71% of the battery charge.

Suction level configuration has always been set to “Strong” so I know that has an impact and the time for the above tasks varied by 3 minutes between the almost 2year time difference

Appreciate the immense details in the thread above and am leaning towards getting a new battery but was curious what any of you are experiencing following battery replacement regarding life of charge during a task.
Thank you

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I just wanted to update the community that battery replacements have begun selling on Amazon now. The battery I originally bought from AliExpress failed in under two weeks (and the seller refused to help), so I kept searching and found one on Amazon. The Amazon sourced battery has been going strong for a month now and has just a tad less capacity than the original battery the Wyze robo vac came with (don’t trust the advertised mAh ratings).

Anyway, here is the Amazon listing for the good battery I have in mine now: Amazon Wyze Robo Vac Replacement Battery


That’s awesome! Thanks for letting us know. I just ordered it and hopefully it fixes my sweeper problem dying in the middle of a clean!

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Oh great. I put the replacement in my Wyze drawer to used when the original gives up its last electron.

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(don’t trust the advertised mAh ratings)

Agreed - curious that this new battery supposedly uses the 18650 cell size and is a perfect size and fit for the original 3000mAh battery. Not sure I understand how this new battery can then be rated for 6000 mAh

Their battery “unit” incorporates four 3.7V 18650 batteries.