Wyze Robot Vacuum - Replacement parts & accessories

It would be nice if you could sell your replacement parts for the Robot Vaccum on Amazon. I haven’t really heard about any replacement part availability and I’m a bit worried about that. I live in Canada, so it would be difficult and expensive to order from here often.

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I am very curious on price and availability of replacement brushes and filters. From the app you can go to accessories to order but it just takes you to Wyze Store page with none of these items listed.


Please change the brush bar to a rubber blade type. IRobot roomba had this same brush in the beginning. They switched to a blade type, much better. The hair just clogs up the bristle type.


So I hooked up and ran the vacuum last week. So far it is awesome and I couldn’t be happier. The only recommendation I would like to make so far is the ability to purchase additional dust bins so I can just pull the dirty one out and insert a cleaned one for the next day. Please make extra dust bins available for sale.


I had a Neato vacuum before this one and it would pick up a lot of pet hair… this one not so much. I think it is related to the brush, I had a hardwood/pet brush on the Neato and this one is carpet type. My apartment is all hardwood.

Are you intending to come out with a Hardwood/Pet replacement brush for this?


I was just thinking about this today. The brush doesn’t do too well with hair. An upgraded replacement brush would be awesome.


No issues with the vacuum so far, but I can foresee a need for replacement parts sooner rather than later. I don’t care where they are made available (although I do hate paying shipping) - Just make them available.


I said the same on another post. IRobot made a similar brush on their early models.

I’m curious if the Xiami/Roborock parts are interchangeable, because they look to be the exact same


I am wondering the same thing. I am in need of filters and brushes I have 45 he left on my filter

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I know I pre-ordered the Wyze Vacuum, but please start selling replacement parts, as my brush was damaged by a glove that my daughters left on the floor. Minus not being able to order replacement parts, this Vacuum is awesome! Thanks.


In addition to standard replacement parts I am looking to replace the rubber gasket seal between the vacuum and the dustbin. Mine is not formed correctly and will not stay straight and over a few weeks of use stops picking up dirt properly and drops dirt even. I expect replacing this 1 small part would resolve the issue.


I wonder if they’ll warranty that for you first?

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You can order replacement parts on the internet/amazon that are listed for the Xiaomi STYJ20YM/STYTJ20YM vacuums. They’re the same model.


Do you have a link to where you can order the replacement parts? I’m having a hard time finding the model you’re referencing.

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These are all Amazon links w/o reviews (sorry…) – there’s a ton of these kits on AliExpress. Most of them include mopping stuff too, although that isn’t supported on the Wyze version (yet?)

Tucson Updated Side Brush Mop Rag Main Brush Fit for Viomi V2 Pro V3 Mop P Filter HEPA V-RVCLM21B Mijia STYJ02YM STYTJ02YM Conga 3490 Accessories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RZ2CV45/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_8GQKZBA0AMD4B2XDXQSY

Monland for MIJIA Sweeping Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner STYJ02YM Spare Part Kits Water Tank HEPA Filter Main Brush Mop https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GSG721B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_NDME8Z7KSMH6N7J66A4H

LIUWEI 15Pcs Side Brush Mop Cloth Replacement HEPA Filter Fit for Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Kits https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08RY2ZPQ4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_6B9X8EQYT90C7EQXT4D0


Is this confirmed the same Vaccum?

Yeah… Also rebadged as the Viomi V2 Pro, and a few others: How to Fix water problems in Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 STYJ02YM / Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-p / Viomi V2 Pro / Cecotec Conga 3290 / Cecotec Conga 3490 / Cecotec Conga 3690 - Vacuum Spain | Comunidad Especializada en Robots Aspiradores

And just looked on eBay… wayyyy more kits there for cheaper. Looks like you can also get the Congo 3490 rollers too so if you have mostly hard surfaces, that may be a better option?

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