Any plans for robot vacuum parts to come back in stock?

I signed up to be notified for when the robot vacuum replacement parts come back in stock months ago and haven’t heard anything. Now I see that all things vacuum are out of stock as are a lot of the accessories.

Is Wyze moving away from the vacuums? Or is there a plan to start stocking the replacment parts again any time soon?


I’ve been waiting since December of last year for the cordless vacuum filters to come back in stock.

Looks like the cordless vacuum is also out of stock.

I’d also like to know if their moving away from the vacuums or are having some inventory/supply chain issues…

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Here you go:


The Charging Station, Pad, and Power Adapter are the only thing in stock. All the consumables went out of stock extremely fast.

Has anyone tried the other brands of replacement consumables on the vacuums? Any feedback?

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Several people have said that they have used these ones for the WRV:


Not sure why you linked to the out of stock items I’m referring to but I appreciate the Amazon link. I’ll check those out.

Yeah, sorry about the out of stock links. When I looked at them recently (before today) I thought most of them were in-stock, and didn’t realize they’re out of stock now today. I figured you didn’t know about the replacement parts because you linked to the main vacuum units and accessories rather than the replacement parts category. My bad. At least the Amazon ones are in stock. :slight_smile:

Ah, gotcha. No problem. That’s a little frustrating to know that they came back in stock and I didn’t get an email about it. And again, thanks for the Amazon link.