Robot Vacuum parts - NO answers

I’ve had my vacuum for over 7 months now. I find it ridiculous that I get warnings in the app that I am approaching the time to replace parts but, THERE ARE NO PARTS! There are more new vacuums of course! and the new vacuum choices have filters and parts available but not the most expensive Robot Vacuum. Chat with support and you just go round and round about they don’t have them on the website but can order them if I have a problem or malfunction. They will not tell you why they don’t have them to order. How can I recommend this vacuum to friends when I can’t assure their replacement parts are available from their website. All I want is an explanation of why these parts so difficult to get and when will they be available. Stop warning me in the app with an option to “purchase” replacements only to be taken to the general shopping page.

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We’re super sorry about that! The parts were supposed to be here earlier and then last month. Right now, there has been a delay with the boat docking but we are getting closer. We are aiming to have them for sale this month and we apologize for the delay, confusion, and app experience.


Any update on the robot vacuum replacement parts kit now that it’s been 30 days since your last update?

@FDvoice WRV replacement parts have already been launched.

To follow this discussion see roadmap thread below.

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NOPE!! I still get the email me when on stock. Same thing for almost 8 months now. I even used your link. Very frustrating! The last tech person I spoke with on the phone over a month ago promised me she would contact me as soon as available but nothing yet. I’m running with a damaged brush and can’t get it replaced.

NOT AVAILABLE according to your web site. Still only allows enter your email to be notified when available. 8 months now, come on! I’m running my vacuum with a damaged main brush for over a month. So frustrating!

Was launched 19 days ago and immediately sold out. Pandemic shortages. Hopefully back soon.

Well, this has happened multiple times to me and it is pure crap! Extremely poor customer service. I will not buy another of your products or recommend your company based on this experience. I own many of your products (vac, cameras, home security, thermostat, watch, headphones) but to have something as simple as replacement parts for one of your most expensive items for 8 months now is unacceptable. Even after being promised by your customer service to to make sure I would receive a parts kit as soon as they arrived. Same sorry everytime.

I am just another user like yourself. If you really want to vent, contact them by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (sorry, support peeps).


How about letting us know by email so that we can grab them the next time they arrive. Let us know first. Damn it I can no longer use my Robot Vacuum because I need parts.

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If you go to the website to order you can click to ‘email when available’ and you will get an email when they become available

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I have done that three times over the past eight months and, I have never yet received an email telling me it’s in stock. When I call tech support after I’ve learned that it was opened up online, I was told it sold out within an hour.

Same here for me. I have signed up to be told when they are in stock many times and this is the message that I get. “This email address has already subscribed”
You are not sending us an email when they come in stock. I have never received one email telling me that they are in stock. So what is your answer now sir?

Well I do not work for them, I am just a user like you, so I am not sure why you aren’t getting the email unless it is hitting the spam folder or something like that.

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So, Wyze, any word on this? Just had one end of my main brush shear off today and went to try to find an accessory kit and there is nothing. Need filter and side brush too.

Was going to order a new Wyze robot for my upstairs since I’ve got another brand I’m tired of babying, but I can’t consciously order another vacuum if I can’t get any replacement parts for my first one.

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I have a robot vac that I cannot operate because it needs replacement parts. I am about to give up on Wyze products for good.

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