Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts-When?

It is great Wyze is a company that pursues innovation, but I am very concerned about the seeming lack of support for the existing products. The side brush, HEPA filter and main roller on the robot vacuum are all co shambles tracked by the vacuum….BUT REPLACEMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE!? It has been more than 6 months since I got my vacuum and still no replacement parts kits available. I contacted support multiple times and they offered to swap my vacuum out since the parts are not available! How does that make any sense at all!? Please support your products!!! @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeJimmy

Well do a warranty replacement

This seems incredibly wasteful, I am willing to go through the process to have a fully functioning machine and appreciate the backing, but wish a proper solution was available. Will I have to request a replacement vacuum after every 200 hours of use (roughly every 90 days for my nightly usage)? I spent an hour on chat with support two weeks ago and was told they would contact me to initiate a replacement, but never heard back. Please advise on how to move forward and when proper maintenance kits will be available so the robot vacuum is not a disposable consumer good.

UPDATE - Resolved! The parts kit is available in the store and I ordered some! Thank you!

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We allways open a service request ticket on the wyze support page that way we get a ticket number and an email notification for our request.

Aren’t these available in the shop?

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YES!!! Thank you!! They have been out of stock and I had repeatedly been told by support there was no known date they would be back in stock! Just ordered 2 sets! Thank you!!!

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