Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit, Sold Out

I just learned that the Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit, Sold Out, on Wyze.com & Amazon! If it’s “Sold Out” are you going to continue to restock the replacement parts? If not, then what? It makes me wonder if purchasing the Wyze Robot Vacuum, that I just purchased, was such a great idea, or just a waste of money! I’ve been a fan of Wyze products for a long time.

They will be back, with the worldwide supply chain issues many many companies are having trouble sourcing supplies and getting products from manufacturers. Not sure an exact date, but they will be back hopefully soon.


Please let me know when they are in so I can order. The vacuum is great but brush needs replacing. Also your site is very confusing and doesn’t clearly say sold out Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit

I’m on mobile, and the add to cart button says “Sold Out”. Is it not showing for you? Could you send a screenshot of what you mean?

@WyzeJasonJ do you have an ETA for when that will be back in stock?

I do not, the last I had heard the supply chain issues made it difficult to get an ETA.

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Same on safari and chrome. iPhone 13. I bought a knock off parts kit for $13 on amazon

Strange, I’m in iphone se 2020, chrome app.

Do you have your display size adjusted or anything?

Any updates on parts?

@WyzeJasonJ is the one to ask, I’m a community volenteer :slight_smile:

I do not have updates on this yet, I apologize.

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So, how long due the HEPA filters really last?

Also, I thought the issue of tires marking hardwood floors had been fixed. Mine are doing it.

I wonder how far you can go with replacing parts in the Wyze Robot Vacuum. For example can you replace any of the motors (e.g., the main brush motors, the wheel motors, any of the sensors, etc.)?

Good question!

Wyze only sells the above replacement parts. It would be cool if they sold more!

I chatted with them about the floor issue and asked about the floor mat. They decided to replace both of my vacs. Crazy. And they say the HEPA filters have no time limit even though the app says to change them ever few months.

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Which knock off did you buy? I need a brush but can’t seem to find one that matches.