Wyze Robot Vacuum - Replacement parts & accessories

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Tool? As in stupid, dumb, slow, witless??? How do you draw that conclusion??? Nobody asked the delivery time. I answered a simple question on where you can buy parts. I see you posted a similar link to just the search in Amazon 10 days ago, Mostly for extortionate prices, but the link I posted is in there. So please explain the tool comment.

It says “too” with an exclamation point at the end.

If you’re looking at the link above to Amazon, with 2 beater bar, 5* filters and 5* side brushes? That’s a decent price, and I just bought them. I’ve been buying directly through Banggood, but this combo it exactly what is Wyze vacuums need.
Side note, this is probably still coming from Banggood/AliExpress (china), but so aren’t the vacuums.

  • I said 5, but it might be 6

I had to replace the horizontal brush (not the roller) on my robot vac today - with the one extra that came with the vac… In anticipation of having to do that again some day I called Wyze and discovered that they are “looking into” making brushes available to purchase.

I think a really neat feature would be the availability of maintenance products. “looking into” does not sound reassuring.

Wyze has a kit coming consisting of 4 HEPA filters, 4 edge brushes, and 2 main brushes. First link is the proposed kit (scroll down to the picture of it below the video), second link is the last known status 12 days ago:

We’ve been told that robot vacuum spare parts will be available on the Wyze site very, very soon.

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Ah. It looks like myt complaint should have been with the customer support person whose “looking into” remark suggests she didn’t know/care.
Too bad. My other interactions with custoemer service have been better.

I think they are taught to be very cautious about representing products that aren’t currently for sale. I have no such constraint, so long as someone from Wyze talked about them (my two reference links).

I have found that they are evasive and unhelpful about pretty much every question.

Can Plus Error 06? They are looking into it…for months.

Robot Vacuum infinite looping? They are looking into it for months.

I am an UN-happy Wyze customer. They over-sell, their products under-perform, and they have figured out that they can continue to peddle stuff that marginally works with negligible actual support to an endless supply of new and unexpecting marks, er, customers.

I would feel differently if they actually had any follow through or actually fixed pretty serious problems.

Today’s the day folks! Thanks for your patience as we worked to get this right. :raised_hands:

We just hit the big red button and launched our Replacement Parts Kit for Wyze Robot Vacuum this morning. With multiple edge brushes, main brushes, and HEPA filters right in the box, this kit is your one stop shop for everything you need to maintain your robot vacuum - all for just $28.99!

:sparkles: The Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit is now available here.


Thank you! Now please offer a silicone main brush for better pet hair handling! (avoids tangling)


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Only a limited quantity available? Or were people panic buying mass quantities? Maybe have a limit of one pack per month per account next time so others might have a chance to buy as well?

I’m still running on the original parts since Jan 6th… it’s getting a little ridiculous. I had to banish this one to the master bedroom and buy another cheapo Eufy for the main floor. It’s not nearly as good as the Wyze, but there are a plethora of replacement consumables available for super cheap as well.


It’s not like there’s a global shortage of supplies, and major delays on imports or anything…

The company I work for imports products for customers all day long, believe me, I understand the delays. We are 4-6 months out on a lot of our items… some longer. There just seems to be plenty of consumables for many other robot vacuums on Amazon… just sayin’.

I’m not mad about it, just a little annoyed. But my Eufy it taking care of things just fine, and I have plenty of parts for that one, so I’ll be fine.

On 6/16/21 I ordered the below kit on Amazon. It was delivered on 7/2/21 and I have since used one of the spinning brushes and a HEPA filter - both fit exactly. The kit includes 6 brushes, 5 HEPA filters , 2 roller brushes (orange & black), a small dusting brush and a combo brush / string cutter (same as the one which comes with the vac). Price has since declined by almost $2 to a new total of $18.99 plus free shipping.

“# Andifany 15Pcs Side Brush Mop Cloth Replacement HEPA Filter for Mijia STYJ02YM Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts Kits”

I ordered the same one. Mine took about a month to come in, but everything fits great. I’m happy with it and would definitely order again.

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I used a a little super glue to re-attach the gasket seal to the vacuum. Made a big difference.

They absolutely fit. That is why I bought two additional sets

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So Wyze where are the replacement parts? Is this vacuum being abandoned? People have been asking since January. You had one batch of parts and have never restocked since.

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