Replacement filters for vacuum

Are there any replacement filters available for the Robot Vacuum yet? Can not find them anywhere on the Web sight… And yes I did did an extra replacement one with the Bot…just need another one.
thanks in advance

I believe that replacements will be sold on the Wyze website once the robot vacuum officially launches. No date has been announced yet.

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I wanted to get a spare, so in the app under accessories I clicked on the filter, and then clicked on “buy”. It took me to the website and as you noted there’s nothin available. :frowning:

I’m experiencing the same thing… I would like to buy future filters/rollers for this so I am prepared. How do I order them? Will they come out later? Seems super odd. Am I missing something?

Welcome @tylor!
Replacements should be available soon!

Thank you. This vacuum keeps sucking up lots, it’s impressive. So I’ll need replacement products soon.

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I destroyed the main brush roller. Since replacements weren’t available… I had to search elsewhere (sorry WYZE) These are an exact fit. (main roller, filter, side brush, even the tool too) Link: Varadyle Side Brush HEPA Filter Main Brush for Mijia STYJ02YM for Conga 3490 for Viomi V2 PRO V-RVCLM21B Vacuum Spare Part Received my order in about 2 weeks even though it shows it could be as much as a month. I support WYZE products and would have purchased them if they were available.


I am also looking for a spare replacement filter. The vacuum is the best! No complaints. Just want to keep it working good by good maintenance and would like to purchase a filter to keep on hand.

Filters are now available:

Holy $#i+. 2 filters for $19.95. Loveco makes replacement parts for other smart vacs (nothing for the Wyze yet).

Their consumables kit for the Roborock S4 includes 4 filters, 4 edge brushes, 2 roller brushes for $26.99. I ordered one of these kits from Amazon hoping the kit for the S4 would work. From the photos on Amazon, they look darn close. The filters are a smidgen too big but look almost identical, as do the roller and side brushes.

Also the claim that they believe their filters are superior to the stock Wyze filter. “they believe” is very ambiguous.

Hoping Loveco will make a consumables kit for the Wyze vac.

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Thanks for the tip! Have you had any issues with these parts?

So which is the better buy?

  • The $19.95 for two filters that fit.
  • The $26.99 for a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit or work

And there are several Wyze Filters available on eBay. Looks to be about $5 a filter plus shipping for delivery from the US and about half that price from China with a 4~8 week delay. (China direct is always cheaper–no middlemen–but literally comes on a “slow boat from China” and recourse and money back if it isn’t good quality is, well, not really possible.)


My intention was to show a comparable kit with filters and brushes was not much more than just the right filters for the Wyze vacuum.

Are the hepa filters now available from Wyze?

These are supposed to be the same.

Varadyle Side Brush HEPA Filter Main Brush for Mijia STYJ02YM for Conga 3490 for Viomi V2 PRO V-RVCLM21B Vacuum Spare Part

Coming sometime in June.


Look up the Conga 3290. Wyze uses this vac with their app.


Everyone else may already know this…but, I just realized a couple months ago, that the filters are washable. At least the ones that came with the vac. Wyze actually recommends doing so.
In the app, tap the vacuum, settings, accessories, then tap on the filter. Just rinse it with plain water. No cleaning agents. Of course, let it dry completely.

I wouldn’t trust 3rd party pricing until Wyze lists the parts. They seem to be preparing to do that:

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