Air Purifier Alternative Filter?

Since the Air Purifier filters seem to routinely be out of stock and in my opinion too expensive, we really need to find a third party replacement alternative filter. Has anyone found something close to the same dimensions that would fit?


Someone told me that the filter for one of the Xiaomi air purifiers are also cylindrical and appear to fit inside the Wyze Air Purifiers which also use a cylindrical filter. I’m sure those are close to the same price. I think Xiaomi charges slightly more than Wyze does for the filters, but if Wyze is sold out, it might be worth it. However, you might be able to get them for roughly half the price by looking on something like Ali Express. Note, I haven’t actually done this myself, so I can vouch for them or if they are exactly the same size or work as well. I am just saying this could be a good starting point for anyone desperate for a replacement when they are sold out through Wyze. If anyone bites the bullet and orders one of the filters on ali express at half price, let me know how they work for you. I’d love to try that. If they seem to work well, maybe I’ll order one for @Seapup so he can actually officially test it with HVAC equipment to see if they’re REALLY as good as the official Wyze ones :joy:

Most companies charge a lot for similar air purifier filter replacements. I saw one online selling a filter for about the right shape/size but was charging $115 per filter. Wyze is actually really reasonable with their filter prices IMO.

I’m not really interested in buying anything from Ali Express because most of their items ship out of China and take weeks to arrive to the USA. The last company that I bought from that was based out of China took forever to get a reply from when I had issues and often their email translations were difficult to understand, which made the emails go back and forth even longer without getting a resolution to the issue.

I wish we could actually contact the company who makes the Wyze Air Purifier, because I know Wyze didn’t come up with them. We could get a much better price dealing with the company directly. But then again they are probably out of China, like most of Wyze’s products, so that kills that idea. If only a third party would make a less expensive air filter for it. It really sucks when companies make a product that uses a proprietary part, it’s just a money pit for consumers.

And it upsets me that if you are going to make a product that uses filters that need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, then for crying out loud have them in stock! I have been able to extend the life of my filter by vacuuming the outside of it and knowing the inner filter part isn’t clogged up because most of the time my Air Purifier shows an AQI of 1 to 10. Which is kind of shocking because my City has a ton of pollen and dust outside most of the time, and my house isn’t perfectly air tight. It could be that my unit isn’t reading correctly, which is why I wish they had put the laser particle sensor facing the front of the unit instead of the back. I have enough space from the wall but I think the areas near the walls don’t get as much air movement like near the center of the room. So it could be that the sensor isn’t getting an accurate reading of particles in my house.

I’m extremely confident it’s not proprietary. As I said, I saw several that seem to be almost identical. It’s just that everyone in the USA charges more for them than Wyze does. I think the only way that anyone is getting them cheaper is by buying them overseas or from a drop-shipper that got them overseas. But it seems other companies sell the same style filter, just at hugely inflated prices. Which indicates to me that as usual, Wyze is actually selling them at a reasonable price by comparison with low profit margins.

But yes, I agree with you here:

Wyze should make more effort to keep them in stock.

I compared the Wyze filter dimensions to a lot of filters on AliExpress and found none that size. But the filters that are similar are around $30.00 so there isn’t a huge price difference between them. Haven’t spent a lot of time on this but there are no filters available for less than $30.00

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And it’s exactly why I said the filters are proprietary, as no one else makes a filter with these dimensions. That forces us to only buy from Wyze and yet they are always out of stock. Why even have a subscription service for them if we can’t get them?! If Wyze focused more on their current products than developing new products just maybe there’d be enough parts!

As a heads-up, WyzeVeronica just said on Discord that new filters should be coming within 2-3 weeks.


2-3 weeks?! Completely unacceptable because since they’ve been sold out for so long this means they will run out again quickly. I really wish a third party would make filters for this product instead of having us relying on Wyze.

I just keep extras in a closet or in my garage, so I have never run into a problem of them being sold out when I need one.

Looks like they’re available through Wyze on their Amazon store if you don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks to order from the Wyze Website:

Of course, then you’re paying for the Amazon fulfillment cost markup, which is about a $3 difference if you were only going to order 1 from Wyze or one from Amazon. It’s up to as much as $9 more if you were going to order multiple at a time or together with other items. But it is available on Amazon for those who need it now.


So Through Wyze with a filter subscription the Allergen filter is $31.49, what’s the shipping cost? Just trying to see what the out the door cost would be buying from Wyze compared to on Amazon.

Same here. When I replace the filter and have one left, I order 2.

I do this with lots of things. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, toothpaste, anything that is a consumable. Nothing like using the last of something and not having another one.

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Part of the problem here is they aren’t doing what they could with managing inventory. If people are subscribed, then they know they will be selling those filters and when.

Stock should be reserved for upcoming subscription ships. Subscriptions should be #1 priority.

I’m sure just like everywhere else, the profits are in the refills, so when being out of refills is the kind of thing that when it happens repeatedly, should be fixed by the company one way or another. Wyze is losing what was guaranteed sales every time a subscription order is delayed by “out of stock” Sure most ship eventually if customers don’t cancel, but if it’s 2 months later, future orders are also offset 2 months, and the lost profits add up fast.
With these filters, I’ve probably only got half or less of the filters than I would have if they were ever in stock when the red light starts blinking or the subscription date comes up. Someone is throwing away money by being out of stock.

I’ve got another email today that the subscription failed to ship me the filters, because they are still out of stock.
If they are coming in soon, I’d hope that all the subscriptions are first in line, and enough are arriving to fill all those subscriptions and all subscriptions with shipments due before the next order from the manufacturer, and have enough to not sell out the remaining before then.
It shouldn’t be that hard, subscriptions are “guaranteed sales”: you’ve got to have enough to cover those, and you know how many sell each month outside of subscriptions. Not keeping up with production of the consumable part is a failure that affects customers and profits. There is a calculable loss to profit every week a subscription is delayed.

To me it’s ridiculous to make an air filter that needs replacement filters and then you don’t keep enough of them in supply for your customers. It’s all about the math and the bean counters at Wyze are bad at their job. But if you can’t get enough filters from your suppliers, then stop selling more air filters.

The replacement filters are back in stock today. My subscription order went through after 3 weeks of emails saying it hadn’t because of out of stock.

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Making sure you get a notification and don’t miss that they’re back in stock in case you still need some.

I saw that and ordered a few and they arrived within a few days, which was good. Now I’m thinking I should have ordered more, so I might increase my subscription amount for them.

Wyze still needs to improve on this because they should never be out of stock or stop selling things that need replacement filters or parts.

That’s what I’ve been saying. With products like this, the business model is to make money on the consumable part: The filters. 3 weeks of out of stock is 3 weeks of guaranteed sales lost, because no one’s going to replace this filter in a shorter amount of time to make up for the last one being used longer. In fact some people may have gone and bought a different air purifier and won’t buy a wyze replacement anymore.
The demand should be relatively predictable, with the subscription portion being a dead on known quantity. Sure they probably had a supply chain issue, where the manufacturer couldn’t get them out on time, but this kind of thing keeps happening. More than once with the air filters, and I know it’s happened with the vacuum filters too. If there is a chance of a 3 week delay from the supplier, then part of the cost of business is going to be keeping a 3 week reserve. That would cost less than the lost sales.

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And I completely agree with you! But because of Wyze constantly having out of stock issues with filters, I will never replace mine every 3 to 6 months, I will vacuum the outer shell and reuse them at least another 3 months. I shouldn’t have to purchase years worth of filters, just so I don’t have to worry about them being out of stock. Maybe Wyze should hire bean counters that actually understand business.

Vacuuming the outer shell is actually part of normal maintenance. That shell is a prefilter. It’s on one of the manual pages. The fuzz and stuff that stops there can be removed. The tiny particles that get caught inside the hepa filter are why hepa filters are not cleanable and reusable.

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