Wyze cancelled my air filter subscription. Better check yours!

I signed up for the air filter subscription last April where Wyze would automatically send me a filter every 6 months. Well, come October they were out of stock. For a while, I got several email saying they were out of stock and they would ship when they got back in stock. Then, I stopped getting the emails. Today, I got a email about them being in stock and purchasing them. I logged into my account only to find my subscription had been suspended and that I could purchase it again. I contacted Wyze to find out why it was suspended and I was told they suspended it becuase the filters weren’t in stock. It would have been nice if Wyze had notified me they were suspending the subscrption! Had I not checked, I would have never known. If you had previously had the subscription, you better check to see if yours has been suspended as well. Here I thought we’d be the first to get them when they got back in stock and I wasn’t even subscribed. Poor way to do business Wyze!

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Sure enough my subscription appears to be gone! Tried to order and it keeps screwing up the process. So here I am once again unable to order the filter from Wyze. [Mod Edit] Wyze!!!

And Wyze is already out of the standard filters again! Come on Wyze! This is ridiculous!

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I’m guessing that Wyze didn’t/doesn’t realize there was no notification sent out about the change. I sent a message to an employee over subscriptions, who I know definitely does care, to let him know this was happening.

I appreciate you bringing up (both so we could make sure someone looks into it, and for the PSA to let other users know to check on it). I think everyone will agree that changes to the services on the account should at minimum trigger a notification/confirmation so it is never a surprise like this. Hopefully they can implement a fix here for the future.

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Wyze Air Filters for Wyze Air Purifier – Wyze Labs, Inc.


Yes, we definitely should have been notified. When I reinstated my subscription now it’s saying my next charge date is 6 months from today. So apparently, it’s not like when you first subscribe and a filter is sent out immediately and the in 3 or 6 months, whichever you choose. My credit card has not been charged today and now the standard filter is again out of stock. So not only did Wyze cancel my original subscription, now today when I reinstated it and thought one would be immediately shipped and then again in 6 months, apparently that is not the case. Once again, they’re out of stock and I don’t have a replacement. So very frustrating!

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Yep, I saw that but try to complete a purchase and it says out of stock in both the subscription and buying one out right.

Looks like I just got the last one. :pensive:


Wyze keeps dropping the ball with this! What the Frick (since I apparently can’t use “WTF”, even though it meant “Frick” without a moderator censoring it). Customers are frustrated Wyze, do you even care? Are you even listening? You should not have cancelled our filter subscriptions because we should have been first to get them. So not cool! I’ve been waiting on my subscription filters for over 3 months and now I’m passed over yet again. Why?!

Wow! Those sold out FAST!

I wouldn’t be surprised if people from other companies are coming to buy out the cheaper Wyze filters and then reselling them on matchmaker platforms like Amazon marketed to users of another brand that use the same filter but selling them at a higher cost. It would be a really easy way to make a profit since those same filters are selling for way more elsewhere.

Could also be some “scalpers” who see that there is a high demand for the filters and know that they can resell them to desperate people at a higher cost. I remember there was a lot of this happening for some past Wyze stuff where people kept buying things to be totally out of stock and then resold them for a higher price, so it’s not unheard of for people to do this with Wyze stuff, though I haven’t seen it for a year or two. More likely it is just a ton of people over-buying what they need “just in case” they run out again, so they aren’t stuck with the regular more expensive price for similar filters on Amazon.

It wouldn’t be as much of an issue if Wyze wasn’t the best price to get this style of filter in the US.

That all could be true but Wyze dropped the ball. They should have taken care of those with subscriptions first before offering them to the general public. I have been waiting since October for my filter. I agree that Wyze makes great products as I have many of their products and been a customer for years. But what good is the purifier if you can’t get the filters?

I agree that subscriptions should get priority.

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This really pisses me off! Wyze should have honor subscription customers first and to cancelled our subscription. Why did they send me an email every month saying they were out of stock but they when they have them my subscription order would be sent. But instead they cancelled my subscription and sent me nothing. Then they send me an email saying the filters are back in stock yet I couldn’t order them.

So until they honor my subscription, they’ve lost me as a customer!

Even worse, you reinstate the subscription they cancelled and they don’t send you a filter right away, they’re waiting to the end off your 3/6 month period? They should have immediately sent out a filter when the subscription was reinstated!

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I’m so friggin angry over this issue! We didn’t even get an apology from them. This is what happens when a company keeps release more and more new products and not focusing on what they have to fix issues.

Is sure isn’t right for sure. Especially us being loyal customers!

Who is the Wyze employee that frequents the forums? Maybe we all need to contact that person and express our displeasure. And then that person can contact the founders.

I’m not sure but I feel like they should do something to compensate us in some way.

Probably @WyzeJasonJ
Maybe he can ask around and find some answers to your questions.


That is me and this issue has been escalated, I will add this thread to the conversation going on internally.