Air Purifier review

Morning. Wyze just prompted me to review my Air Filter replacement for the air purifier. I wrote an honest recount of my experience trying to get a replacement air filter (and I’m sure it was very similar to many of yours as well). However, I have no idea where it went. So I thought I’d repost it here, for reference of others or for folks doing research on the unit:

When I initially purchased the Wyze Air Purifier, I also purchased a subscription to the filter. That subscription was only fulfilled once before Wyze ran out of stock on the replacement filters for just about one year. What is the point of subscribing to something that doesn’t exist? Once they were restocked, I received an email stating that they were available. I logged into see when my subscribed filter would be arriving only to find my subscription had been canceled. Before reinitiating a subscription or purchasing one outright, I called to see what the game plan was with the subscription. Why was it canceled? Would it be reinstated? Was any action necessary on my part? The person I spoke to was clueless. She had no idea that you could subscribe to the filter or what had happened to my subscription. After 20 pointless mins of being put on hold repeatedly, I decided to a) just buy one because mine was approaching a year old & we had basically mothballed the air purifier & b) restart my subscription. You’ll never guess what happened next: a email from Wyze saying demand was greater than they expected and there would be a delay in shipment. Kind of hard to believe because a) they should have known exactly how many air filters were purchased, b) how many subscription fulfillment orders were outstanding & c) how many people signed up for the “notify me” email. So I had no idea what was going to happen next. Then, about 3 weeks after getting the delay email, the filter justy shows up. No tracking. No shipping notification. Nothing. Crazy story, right? All this over an air filter? That’s why I say don’t bother. Wyze is a mess of a company. Too many products, not enough back end support or quality customer service. Just buy from a known name brand.

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