Wyze air purifier filter subscription?

I did contact support on this 2 weeks ago, and nothing has happened. If you try to subscribe to getting replacement filters, outside of as an add-on to buying a purifier, it just doesn’t work. Switching to subscribe does nothing. No choice of how often you want them sent, no discount.
It’s a broken function on the store site, I opened up a chat with support on it, they moved it to email, and I got nothing more, and it’s still broken.
I’d think this would be a priority, because the guaranteed repeat purchase should be a moneymaker.

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I saw some other people on Discord mention there was some kind of issue with the filter subscription, so it wasn’t just you. I know they talked to support about it, but I can’t remember what the outcome was.

Did you try replying to the support email again? I would try reaching out one more time. If you don’t get a response within a couple of days, reply back in here with any of the support ticket numbers you have related to this issue and we can send it up to someone to look into for you.

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This is an easy one to verify as a problem.
Go to the purifier page, look at how the filter subscription works. You choose an interval to be sent replacements, and get a small discount.
Go to the filter page: there is a subscribe and save button, but selecting it changes nothing, If you choose it, and even add to cart, price doesn’t change, and it’s a single purchase, no way to choose the 3, 6 or 12 month options.
If it matters, here is the ticket: 2472769 which apparently was closed without sending me a message or fixing the problem

I did reply with the ticket number here, still no answer, and now the filter has been out of stock for some time.
It’s actually pretty odd for a consumable item for a product to be out of stock like that. That is usually the moneymaker for companies: replacement consumables. Running out means loss of easy guaranteed sales. People who can’t get replacements may just get a product somewhere else instead.
Is there any word on when these will be back in stock?
Any word on fixing subscriptions for them?

I remember confirming that there was an issue with this and advocating for a fix and I was trying to find out if there was an ETA on fixing the subscription or what.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for reminding me to follow up on this again. This time I’ll set a bookmark reminder so it can’t slip my mind again. It is currently starting the weekend, so I don’t know if I will get a response today, but I’ll send some messages and set a reminder for Tuesday since that should be enough time for me to have something to respond with.

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Yesterday evening I got someone to look into this. I checked today and see it still isn’t fixed as of this moment, but I can confirm that it’s being looked into. I will set another follow-up reminder to make sure any updates get posted. :+1:

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Hello, well it’s Jan 2023 and the filter subscription is still not working properly. It’s pretty much the same issue I ran into mentioned in the above comments. I tried calling and long hold time, I finally reached an agent and explained my issues and placed on hold for 10min only to return and confirm what I had told him of what I was experiencing. He requested I do a screenshot and send. I declined and said forget it. I’m done. Not worth the effort for 10% savings. After reading above comments. Looks like it would have been a waste of time. It’s ridiculous that you’re not able to subscribe via Wyze app. Their website is useless.

It looks like the people we got looking into this may have made some progress, but I don’t think it is fixed yet. I can at least get the options to show up now, but it isn’t showing up correctly in the cart yet. The plus side is that there is progress being made at least:

  1. Go here: Wyze Air Filters for Wyze Air Purifier
  2. Toggle on Subscribe and Save --you won’t see a difference right away, so make sure to do Step 3
  3. Now select a DIFFERENT Filter. If it was already on the filter you wanted, then still select a different filter and then just switch back to the one you really want.

  4. Now you’ll get the option about how often they should send it:

The problem is that the Order Summary doesn’t confirm that it is setup on the subscription or how often. It is also showing for the full price instead of the discount. This indicates that it is not fully implemented, so I will make sure this gets pointed out to them. I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am seeing some progress, so they are indeed working on it at least. :+1: I’ll check back again later.
Compare the first image of how it shows the wrong price and no confirmation on how often against the second image showing how it is supposed to show like it does when we order with the air purifier at the same time:

So I can only confirm that the options are now showing up on the website, so there is progress, but it’s not quite fixed yet, so I’ll follow-up again. Just wanted to check-in

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I did find that if you go to the purifier, and add it to the cart with a subscription included, you can remove the purifier, and the subscription stays. You can even start checkout with it. Clicking the subscribed filter from the cart gets to the apparently separate listing for " Wyze Air Filter Subscription" which is “Not available” " This item will be available soon" I am assuming that this would not ship until a subscription interval has passed.

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I wish I had seen this before I purchased a new filter.
I had originally set up my filter selection to be every 6 months not knowing how often I would actually need to change the filter. Low and behold, it has been about 4 months and I need to change the filter. I just went and purchased a new filter at full price.
You cannot adjust your filter subscription options either. You would need to cancel the one that is set up, so It seems like this is broken in two places.

  1. the store does not reduce the price when you subscribe and save
  2. You cannot edit the frequency of the filter subscription.
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I would have just waited the extra 2 months. The red light blinking is going to be a conservative estimate of filter life. Air purifiers should use a pressure sensor or something to actually detect the hepa filter being clogged.

Subscription appears to have been fixed. I can now go to the store on PC or mobile and choose subscribe and price updates, can be added to cart with correct price, and bought,

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Yay! Thank you for letting everyone know that the feedback finally got implemented! I confirm that it is working now.

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I’m a little late to this thread. Sorry. Has this been taken care of? I just posted a new thread on how to change the subscription. I purchased my air purifier in March and went with the 3 month subscription and I need to change it to 6 months. Is there a way I can change it without having to cancel my 3 month? No response from support yet. Thank you.

I’ve had a subscription from day 1 , about a year now, It has been months since I have received a new filter as they are out of stock , This is the second time this has happened … So why is this happening ? , I can’t even use my Air purifier now ! I’m NOT HAPPY about this !!! You need to do better Wyze!!!


DO you know how to cancel the existing subscription ?

Thank you

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I believe you can go online to accounts to cancel. But not to change your monthly subscription from 3 to 6 months. I had to contact them directly (phone) twice to have mine changed from 3 to 6. Hopefully I won’t see my next filter till March 2024. Otherwise I’m going to have to sell my extra filters online. Good luck

So now the filters are back in stock and apparently they cancelled my subscription without notifying me. Not cool Wyze! I tried to order them again via a subscription but it won’t go to the shipping page so I can enter my credit card info. I know what will happen, they will be out of stock yet again. So sick of Wyze and their crap! Why even send me an email saying the filters are in stock if I can’t order them?!

Is there anyway we can contact Wyze directly? And not talk to or email one of their script reading customer service reps! Someone higher up needs to know what’s going on, if they don’t already.