Wyze Air Purifier Filters

So could someone please explain to me how wyze is unable to fill my automatic subscription for my standard air filter (received an email from them yesterday saying they are out of stock) from their subscription page but i can head over to amazon and the WYZE store is selling it there and i can have it in 3 days.

What gives here guys???

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Welcome to the forum @daniel.l.griffin!
Sorry to hear of your issue. While some Wyze employees do hop into the forums from time to time. This is primarily a user to user platform.

For assistance with your issues I would suggest contacting Wyze Support

Wyze, you got some 'splainin to do. Really getting tired of the constant “out of stock” issue with replacement filters for the Wyze air purifier.
I have no idea who makes these filters for you or where they are made but it’s truly piss poor business practice to shaft your customers. Everyone here on this forum knows what you are doing in regards to these filters. You force people out to Amazon to buy these filters at a truly exceptional [Mod Edit] price. A whopping 15 dollars higher for the allergy filter alone.
Maybe you believe we are stupid. They never seem to have an out of stock issue with them on Amazon now so they. If you don’t get them in stock before my current filter needs replaced you can take the [Mod Edit] thing and [Mod Edit]. [Mod Edit] you can turn it on and off by picking your nose!
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I agree with this that they are always out of stock. Why does amazon have the for $15 more? Its been 6 months and Wyze is still out of stock. Are you ever going to get them in? The machine is great but how great is it if you can not replace the filter? Will someone at Wyee respond?

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Amazon has them more expensive partly because Wyze sets the price so they get some of that shipping fee they charge us on their site, and because Amazon has fees. But it is so ridiculous that Wyze is always out of stock, why have a subscription service for them if they are always out?! Since I can count on them being out of stock most of the time I vacuum my filters when the machine says it’s time to replace them, reset the filter monitor and put them back in. I do this at least once sometimes twice, to get more use out of them.

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I’m on auto ship. Mine was due to ship out in early November and still don’t have it.

Great idea, never thought about that. Mine have been blinking to replace them for over a year since replacements have been out of stock every time i check.

I regret buying these, but going to make due with them until i want to invest in a different brand. Caveat emptor on these things.

Depending on the air quality in your house, vacuuming the filters might not be enough and since you said they haven’t been replaced in a year, they probably don’t filter at all anymore. I’d just set up a subscription for say 3 filters for say every 3 months, knowing that at numerous times a year they will be out of stock, but at least you’d have some back filters. But I’m also regretting buying the Wyze Air Filter, as it’s pointless without a filter

But yeah, Wyze needs to get their heads out of their rears and fix their supply issues. The better solution is for them to stop making products that need regular replacement parts. They didn’t even make the filter housing to a stand size so we could buy another brand of filters. So when the day comes that the filters aren’t made anymore, we will have a plastic unit that just goes in the trash because it can’t be recycled.

I’ve been searching for replacement filters, and am actually seeing a generic filter for the first time come up specifically saying compatible with Wyze air filter. Looks like it’s a cross between the allergen filter (HEPA 13) and the “special” filter (claims 99% VOC removal). Has anyone had any experience with these? A bit nervous to be the first to try them, and I don’t have any way to empirically test them to see if they operate within their claims aside from the built in AQI on the unit. Amazon link is here.

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I’ll bite. Can always return them. Mr. Bezos says I should have them January 11 or 12.

In my AliExpress research, I came across purple filters.

These do not fit the Wyze air purifier. I am referencing only the colors,

The purple filter is ‘antibacterial’

The green filter is ‘formaldehyde’ but the Wyze green filter is an ‘allergen’ filter.

The blue filter is the ‘standard’ filter.The Wyze blue filter is the ‘wildfire’ filter.

So, the color doesn’t mean anything.

And all 3 filters claim to filter the same 6 pollutants.
Smog, Dust, Formaldehyde, PM2.5, Bacterial, and VOC.

More specs :

I enjoyed the legalese in the Amazon ad

“Note: please remove the new filter from the plastic bag before placing it into the machine.”


Interesting. I’d be curious to hear how/if these work for you. I’m hopeful it can be a source for them. They aren’t much cheaper compared to the wyze “produced” allergen filters, but maybe these will at least be available for purchase. I find it funny though that it says “efficient addition of formaldehyde”…seems like that would be the opposite of what you want.

I’m curious as well! Please let us know if these work!!

Will do.

I have an IKEA VINDSTRYKA air quality monitor about 3 feet from the Wyze air purifier. It is connected to Hubitat Elevation. Along with measuring temperature and humidity, it also measures VOC and pm2.5

Here is a graph showing the VOC from the sensor. Note how the reading decreases after activity stops.

When the sensor reading is high, I can hear the Wyze air purifier increase speed. Then the speed decreases along with the sensor reading dropping. I would assume if the filter was no longer filtering, the sensor reading would not decrease and the Wyze air purifier speed would not drop,


For grins, I compared the the AQI on the Wyze air purifier and the IKEA VINDSTRYKA that are about 3 feet apart. Wife is cooking so that explains the high numbers.


When I hear the Wyze air purifier pick up speed I know she didn’t turn on the exhaust fan.


The filters do NOT fit the Wyze air purifier. They are about 1/2” too tall.

New filter on the left, Wyze filter on the right.

They also have lugs that the Wyze filter does not have.

So, I go to my order on Amazon, and see the filters are ‘currently unavailable’

Now for the good part. I went to return them, and find out they don’t want them back.

Pertinent information on the carton

As soon as the Amazon refund hits, I’ll see if I can remove the end with the lugs, cut the filter down and then remove the end from the Wyze filter and glue it on the Pureburg filter. Really hate to recycle these.


Thank you very much for your detailed follow-up! thumbsup2

Redacted email address in one photo. Not sure if that was your address or theirs.


Thanks. That was my email.


Well shoot! I was really hoping you’d found us a solution! Thanks for trying it for us!

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I cut the end off the new filter and made a heck of a mess with the charcoal filter. Same with the old Wyze filter. These are going in the recycling. I left a message through Amazon to Pureburg asking if they had a filter that was the correct size. Waiting on a reply.

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I still can’t believe no one from Wyze has chimmed in.

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