Cleaner Air Available with Wyze Air Purifier - 4/12/22

Breathe easy with the new Wyze Air Purifier!

With 350 CADR, smart automations, and high-quality custom filters, it’s everything you want in a luxury air purifier without the luxury price tag.

Cleaner air is available now:

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This is super exciting!

I’m trying to find out how much additional filters will cost (and where to purchase them) but can’t seem to find any answers. The FAQ references a filter subscription but no links…


Hi, you can find our high-performance, customized-to-your-need filter at: Wyze Air Filters for Wyze Air Purifier.


Thanks so much! I appreciate the swift response!

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Unfortunately not in Canada? :frowning:
Will this be out in time for our annual wildfire smoky air in BC?


We currently have a limited supply but we are planning to make it available to Canadiens later


No prefilter to capture all the dust? So what happens in 6 weeks when the filter is full of dust?


Hi lovemyjeep, all 3 of the filters will capture dust. Dust is considered coarse particles or particulate matter (PM). For example, our allergen filter has a PM CADR (clean air delivery rate) rating of 212 CFM.


Ah, great point! I was comparing this to a purifier I currently own (Blueair 211+) - the Blueair has a stretchy fabric over the unit which collects hair and larger particles and overall extends the life of the filter.

I’m trying to decide if I should sell this and buy a couple of Wyze purifiers but I’m also curious about the prefilter concept lacking as well. (I’m also waiting to see what this “filter subscription” looks like when it’s launched…)

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I may be biased but you should definitely buy a couple Wyze Air Purifiers. :grin: The ‘filter subscription’ should be coming soon.


I have been waiting for this! Is there any recommendation on filter replacement time? Or are you able to clean and reuse? Subscription for filter timeline? Either way, I have already ordered one!!

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From what I can see, the standard filter has a 6 to 12 month life span. I also read that with the filter subscription there is an 11% discount and you would have control over the frequency of shipments.

Sorry, the FAQ says 12%. (I was close. :smile: )


Filter replacement time varies by filter

It is not recommended to clean and reuse that I am aware of

Not sure of an exact timeline but it is coming

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Wow! They are almost sold out already, I wonder how many they had available to ship?

You didn’t understand the question. When the filter is full of dust in six weeks I have to spend another $35 for a new filter? That’s the point of pre filters - to extend the hepa filter.


No filter has 12 month life span when running 24 hours a day. I use 2 Honeywell hepas and have to change the prefilter every 6 weeks or else the hepa filter will need replacing. People who actually need these understand. It’s how we all learn the hard way. Think of your furnace filter. How long does it last?

From all the other comments, it sure would be nice to have a pre-filter that could be cleaned and re-used. Just like the hand held vacuum…


Which filter is right for you?

I thought some people might like a comparison chart of the differences with some of the FAQ explanations included to help make it make more sense.


I had a special request to update my chart with some other information, so here’s the new and improved updated version with more info at a glance:


Just great, another new Wyze product that will no doubt have issues, terrible customer support, crappy software. Oh and this thing uses expensive filters.

Wyze, so when are you going to fix the products you currently have?