AIr purifier sold out?

So I waited a week to order as I was out of town and didn’t want it sitting on my porch for a week and they are already sold out? Is there a email list to get on or am I just going to have to wait until they come back likely at a price that will thwart my interest?

Wyze recently resdesigned their website and backend, and switched their shopping partners, so adding the “notify me when it is back in stock” has to be reconfigured. It is under active development and will be re-enabled as soon as they have that feature ready again. ETA on the Air purifier is partially subject to manufacturing and shipping issues in our current global economy and last I heard [today] it will be a while:


They were definitely very, very popular and in high demand and sold out the first 2 shipments extremely fast.

For future consideration, what I have done in similar situations, is order items while I know they are in-stock or available and at a cheaper rate, and then contact the shipper (Fed-Ex or whoever it goes through once the shipping label is created) and have them hold it for me until I return home.

When they come back, I expect the price will be at the standard price of $169.99, possibly with a discount for the Cam Plus members, but it’s possible they could extend a cheaper rate as low as the $129.99 again. I wouldn’t count on it though, I think that was just the launch special…you never know though, and I expect they will have other deals throughout the year anyway as usual.


Are pre-sales limited to cam-plus subscribers only or can anyone order for the pre-sale? If not, maybe they should make that a special offer only available to cam-plus subscribers for the pre-sale.

I ordered mine on the 12th of April and still have not gotten mine. I received an email last week on April 20th stating that it would be shipped out that week. But still nothing. Does anyone have any updates on when they would be shipped out?


They announced they aren’t really doing their traditional preorders anymore for any of their products. They intend to only sell what they have in inventory. They made a slight exception for this product on launch day because they were so high demand and sold out so fast, that they apparently approved selling out the second batch (that was already manufactured and was already en-route to Wyze’s warehouses, so in a way they were already existing inventory, just with a slight delay before they could be shipped out…whereas their traditional preorders were to allow people to reserve an item that hasn’t even been manufactured yet…that isn’t being done anymore.

I expect we’ll rarely exceptions to the new standard of only selling what is currently in stock and ready to ship immediately.

@schmittjerry345 I know Wyze has started shipping some of the second batch of air purifiers that came in since some of those people reported receiving theirs recently, though sometimes the various shippers don’t always correctly update the tracking info. Check your order occasionally for a tracking number, and you should be able to sign up for alerts for it. I have received Wyze shipments from FedEx, UPS, USPS and Amazon, and sometimes I’ve had things delivered without the shipper telling me it’s about to be delivered, but usually everything tracks fine.


I’m in the same boat. Ordered on the 12th at 12:15 PM, page said “Ships immediately!”

Received a “bad news, it didn’t ship” e-mail on 4/20 but “good news, it’s shipping this week.” It didn’t. Still hasn’t shipped as of right now.

I am patient but I do wish there was better communication because I have no idea what’s going on.


@carverofchoice Thank you for the insight of what is going on with Wyze. I did not know that information. Yea I keep checking every day to see if I have a tracking number yet it just says unfulfilled. Well maybe it will ship next week.


@torishu I received that same email. I also ordered around the same time you did. I still have a unfulfilled on my order status. I have talked with support and they said that one of the items is backordered so that is why I have not received my Purifier yet. He would not tell me which item though. I am guess it is the machine itself. I do wish there was better communication as well. I liked when you pre-ordered something and they sent out the weekly email stating what is going on and when they think it will ship. Hopefully sometime next week and hopefully they will send it next day or two day shipping since we still have not received it.


No they are not limited to cam-plus subscribers that I was able to get one but still waiting for delivery

I just heard from someone at Wyze that they expect the last of the air purifiers should be shipped out by the end of today (Friday April 29th). If you don’t get yours soon or see tracking information by early next week, Please let me know so I can have it looked into for you.


You also @torishu let me know if you don’t get your air purifier next week or see tracking info early next week.


FWIW … we gave up waiting because of no apparent eta. Another frustration with the experience was that our CC was charged immediately (not ‘when shipped’ like many retailers) and upon trying to cancel the order (only through chat was available) we got the party line of ‘we’re not set up to do that once an order is placed, just wait for it to arrive and then we’ll give you a return shipping label’. We notified our bank and suddenly Wyze acknowledged us the next day and cancelled the order. I’ve been a customer since the beginning of Wyzedom and have to say that the company growth has taken some shine off my experiences. :thinking:

FYI, just received tracking for my air purifier :blush: also ordered on first day.

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Same here when bought just checked and unfulfilled no tracking keep waiting. I have to agree with others about getting payment prior to shipping not a good thing

Yeah, the initial stock sold out before noon my time (MDT), and so at that point the original plan was that no more orders would be allowed at all until the next shipment came in 1-2 weeks later, and then the rest of us would’ve had to pay full price for them.

Because they were such high demand and so popular, Wyze decided to allow selling the next shipment at the same discounted price to the rest of us that were ordering later in the afternoon/evening, and I am really grateful for that. When I ordered after noon, Wyze even had a disclaimer on the product page for the second shipment and on the order page that my order was expected to be shipped in 7-10 days. I figured it would take a few days to deliver after that, so I was already expecting a 2 week delay from their disclaimer at time of purchase, but I was personally more than happy for the delay if it meant I got the cheaper price instead of waiting for 2 weeks and then paying full price instead.

I don’t think Wyze will normally do pre-orders or delayed shipping like that often in the future. This was a special exception because they sold out so fast, there was still high demand and they knew they had a new shipment arriving in 1-2 weeks. I’m just thankful the discounted rate was extended to me despite not ordering until the afternoon. If I’d known they were going to be such high demand I would’ve ordered way earlier.

That’s great that you got the tracking! Let us know if there are any problems.

Still no tracking number for me , unfulfilled

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Same here.

Yeah! ordered mine 4-12 @ 1:00 (right coast time) received tracking for today’s delivery and just got it.
Happy Mother’s Day hopefully any of you in that 1:00 time slot will get yours too!

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4/12, 12 pm timeslot (EDT; 12:15 PM to be exact) here. :slight_smile:

Page said “Ships immediately!” when I ordered.

Congrats on getting your order. :slight_smile: