Air purifier back in stock eta?

Is there an eta on when the air purifier will be back in stock? I would love to purchase one (possibly 2)!


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Original Estimate was hoping for a shipment sometime in July, but when asked on June 9th, Jimmy from Wyze replied:

So, I wouldn’t be expecting this anytime soon. It is my understanding that they are totally out of stock, including all those they reserved as warranty replacements, so there are some people waiting on that too. But it sounds like we are looking at late summer or early fall for the next shipment now. They could come earlier, but I would not set that as an expectation. But when they DO come back, I would buy them quickly since they are so popular and sell out fast!

They are great devices. I have 3, and they definitely clear my air pretty well! Others in my family have asked me to tell them the moment they return so they can get some too, and I might consider more myself.


Wyze really needs to stop selling it until they fix the App issues. But I’ve been waiting 5 weeks for my warranty replacement and this is the first time I’ve heard they won’t ship until July. Really sucks that I had to hear about it here and not directly from Wyze. I’m about ready to ask for a full refund and buy a different brand.

Oh but maybe if Wyze didn’t have them manufactured in China there wouldn’t be these huge delays. Clearly Wyze is not an American company!

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Wyze is based in Seattle, and all operations are in Seattle. The only thing in China is manufacturing. Almost every company manufactures in China. That’s how they keep the prices low.


Doesn’t matter where they are based, that doesn’t make them an American company when they rely so heavily on another country. Plus, they seem to be following the China business model of producing poor quality items. I’m all for low prices but not when it means low quality.

Wyze here’s thought, stop producing new products that are outsourced and take forever to get here. So in the meantime fix the things you can control, like your software issues and stop making promises and claims about your software that aren’t true.

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Don’t wait, buy something else, they all do the same thing, The only differences are whether it’s connected (wi-fi), fan quality and filter quality. I wouldn’t trust Wyze to have the filters in stock, ever, if it’s anything like their other devices that need replacement parts.
I was waiting for several weeks for these and ultimately bought Govee ones. They are smart, have identical features/quality and they and their filters are readily available. The filters are more expensive (but not really w/o shipping charges here), but the unit was cheaper.

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I’ve been waiting since May 13 for a warranty replacement air purifier and it still hasn’t shipped even though the order shows fulfilled, but that’s not true. Get your act together Wyze!

I bought mine 3 months ago and still have not received it. I have been given zero updates and had to reach out 3 separate times to be told they have no update on ETA. Pretty terrible experience to be honest, but will probably request a refund here eventually as they clearly mislead the expectations (said 2 week ship date when purchased)

Yes, Wyze communication sucks, just like their customer support.

Sure they could manufacture in the US, with US sourced parts. How many $600-1200 air purifiers with these same specs would you be ordering?

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We both know they wouldn’t cost that much manufactured in the US. But Wyze there were supply chain issues and yet went ahead of their launch of the Air Purifier, knowing full well they wouldn’t have enough, let alone replacement units available for warranty issues.

I was just able to order one with the standard air filter. But if I try to go to a different filter (sold out) and then go back to the standard filter, it also says sold out. So you have to reload the page and it will say it’s in stock. We’ll see if my order actually goes through or if they are having software issues. Really hope they got some in stock…

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Were you able to order on the website or in the app, bc on the app their all sold out and you cannot place an order

couldnt do it in app either. Only on their website


It’s real:


This came out of nowhere, and such a bad timing too . I will try and buy one on Friday when I get paid but I have feeling that they’ll be gone by then ;((((

If not then I’m fine with waiting til September , man I have such bad luck

If it’s back in stock then why hasn’t Wyze shipped my warranty replacement Air Purifier yet?

Yikes , have you tried contacting support ? I would be calling constantly to get this resolved

I’ve been dealing with Wyze for months about this, it’s getting very tiring.

@WyzeJasonJ should this be escalated, or is there nothing that can be done now that they are out of stock again.