Filters Out Of Stock ALREADY?

I ordered a replacement filter as soon as I received notice they were back in stock. Maybe 5 minutes afterwards. I get an email today saying I’m being refunded because there is not enough stock! What the &*%% is going on with Wyze???

I ordered mine 1/26 at 3:11 pm CST, and they arrived yesterday. They appear to have been shipped from an Amazon facility (I placed my order on the wyze website but checked out using Amazon pay).

Do you know what time you placed your order?

I ordered on 1/26 as well but I don’t see a time on the order/invoice. I ordered from wyze as well. I’m pretty sure it was around noonish cst though

Same situation here. Ordered them on the 26th and got an email today it was cancelled. It’s available on Amazon (sold by Wyze, fulfilled by Amazon) for $10 more than my order cost with shipping included…so I think I see where their stock went. Might also be why the order that checked out using Amazon pay also went through.

I just looked at my email to see when the confirmation email was sent to me. That’s how I got the time.

Confirmation email says 3:01pm. Did you take mine? :slight_smile:

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I ordered 2 fomeldahyde filters. What did you try to purchase?

I ordered the Allergen ones and received the Order Cancelled notification.

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