Filters Out Of Stock ALREADY?

I ordered a replacement filter as soon as I received notice they were back in stock. Maybe 5 minutes afterwards. I get an email today saying I’m being refunded because there is not enough stock! What the &*%% is going on with Wyze???

I ordered mine 1/26 at 3:11 pm CST, and they arrived yesterday. They appear to have been shipped from an Amazon facility (I placed my order on the wyze website but checked out using Amazon pay).

Do you know what time you placed your order?

I ordered on 1/26 as well but I don’t see a time on the order/invoice. I ordered from wyze as well. I’m pretty sure it was around noonish cst though

Same situation here. Ordered them on the 26th and got an email today it was cancelled. It’s available on Amazon (sold by Wyze, fulfilled by Amazon) for $10 more than my order cost with shipping included…so I think I see where their stock went. Might also be why the order that checked out using Amazon pay also went through.

I just looked at my email to see when the confirmation email was sent to me. That’s how I got the time.

Confirmation email says 3:01pm. Did you take mine? :slight_smile:

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I ordered 2 fomeldahyde filters. What did you try to purchase?

I ordered the Allergen ones and received the Order Cancelled notification.

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Yep. Me too. I ordered no more that 5 minutes after receiving the Wyze email saying they were back in stock! Seriously! I ended up having to go to Amazon. Talk about P poor planning and customer service!

You said you got some off Amazon, but if you wanted to stock up, they got another shipment shortly after your thread was posted and they’ve been in stock on the website for a few weeks now.


Thanks. Gonna head that way!

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Anyone know when they will be in stock again?
Thanks in advance.

Amazon has the Allergen Filters in stock: WYZE Smart Air Purifier - Standard Filter : Home & Kitchen

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Thank You.

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These work with the Wyze Air Purifier.

$50 for the pair and free shipping.

I have these and verify they fit.


Thanks, did not know that.

Question, and I know this is subjective, but how do they compare to the Wyze OEM Filters?


I was trying to do a comparison and they are very similar. However, the one you listed indicates it filters 99% VOCs, and the Wyze ones are 92.7. Not sure if I am mis-reading though

Without a clean room using the same contaminants, comparisons would be difficult.

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True. But reading the specs make it sound good.