The WYZE Air Filter Replacement SCANDAL

Has there been ANY updates on when the WYZE Replacement Filter Scandalbe available? I know Amazon has it available, but damn when will Team Wyze get their act together and get these FILTERS in stock? And will they be able to keep them in stock? This is crazy ridiculous that a great company cannot keep filters in stock.

All 3 filter types are currently in stock, but they go fast:

If you’re having an issue with a Wyze Air Filter Subscription, please check your subscription status, then contact Wyze Customer Service:

(206) 339-9646 - USA
(581) 500-1166 - Canada


Thank you

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Funny, because right before I posted here I checked and it showed all 3 not in stock. I opened the the Wyze App Store.

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Wyze really needs a “notify when back in stock” feature. :pensive:


This is why the last two times I ordered 6 on my filter subscription. Now I have enough to last so I reduced the subscription down to 2 filters. I also found some after market filters on Amazon, that according to the specs, are just as good. But yes, Wyze needs to get their act together because if you are going to sell a product that goes through filters every 3 to 6 months, then you need to always have them in stock. The bean counters can tell you how many you need based on Air Purifier sales, it’s just math.

Mine showed up the other day and I replaced it. Took the old one to work and with air pressure blew most if not all dirt and dust out. Looks good for reuse.