Wyze Air Purifier Replacement Filter Availability

I probably had one of the first shipments of the Wyze Air purifier when it was released and it’s already time to replace the filter as expected. The filters continue to be out of stock, will this be an ongoing issue or will it be resolved long-term? This isn’t the type of product that should suffer from short supply given its function.

I use Coway air purifiers everywhere else in my house and have never had an issue getting replacement filters.


I just ordered an allergen filter.

Your order from Wyze? Because I keep getting out of stock message.

They are out of stock again.

That’s the entire air purifier, not just the filter.

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Ordered a spare shortly after I found out they are scarce

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The Wildfire Filter is the only one that is available when I check on the Wyze store. I’ll just need to keep checking. Hopefully supply will get better.

Same. Very frustrating. My unit says its time to replace the filter but I can’t order or join subscribe and save

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Nope. Must have ordered the wildfire filter by mistake. Still waiting on the air purifier.

Just got here. Display read about 210 after the updates then settled down to around 60. Right now it is 11 and set on Auto.

When the allergen filter needs to be replaced, using the fire filter that I mistakenly ordered should not be an issue.

Need the Wyze Air Purifier Max. Electrostatic washable filter.

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Here we are in the middle of September and all filters are on BO. What gives?