Replacement Air Purifier Filters Out of Stock Again?!

What the frack Wyze, why are you constantly running out of replacement air filters? I just got an email telling saying my filter subscription order won’t happen because they’re out of stock. Maybe you should stop making products that need replacement filters! This out of stock issue is getting old fast.

I’m on auto ship. Mine was due to be shipped in early November and I still don’t have it.

Wyze should be embarrassed. They keep boasting about how many accomplishments they’ve done and the new products they are going to make, yet can’t even support what they already have. They need to go back to the basics and do what they said there were going to do years ago, fix customer support and ensure current product supply. Right they are failing and it will get worse.

A while back I spent too much time trying to locate replacement filters that would fit the WAP.

The company that makes the filter is CoClean.

Clorox has an air purifier that is similar.

Currently I have 3 new allergen filters. When only two are left, I check the app weekly and if the allergen filter is available, I buy two. Some people have multiple air purifiers for their larger home, so I can understand the frustration of filter availability.

I have my subscription setup to order more than I need but the point is, Wyze should have enough available. If a company wants to make a product that needs replaceable parts regularly, then keep the parts in stock or don’t make products that need them. This is not friggin rocket science kids! I’m getting so sick of this company and their business model!!!

I’m a new owner of the air filter, need my first replacement. Looks like this is an issue! I guess maybe the entire system is disposable since you have to buy the whole thing to get a filter.
Does Wyze ever comment on here when these may be back in stock? I’ve been checking since November and I’ve never seen them in stock yet - No idea if they are immediately sold out when they come in stock or what?

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Wyze rarely if ever reads this forum. If they did then maybe they could turn things around.