Air Purifier Filters Sold Out...Seriuosly Wyze?!

I got my Air Purifier through the initial pre order with the Allergen filter and apparently it’s almost time to replace the filter, even though the AQI has rarely ever been over 10, most of the time it’s below 5. But I can’t order a new one because the Allergen filter is sold out. So I’m forced to order the more expensive Wildfire filter, which has a lower HEPA filtration rating. Wyze really shouldn’t have sold this product if they can’t keep the filters in stock and I’m sure there are many others besides myself that need replacement filters at this point. It’s not like these short lasting filters are inexpensive, as they are grossly overpriced for such a short life cycle. Yes, there is a small discount with the subscription plan, but it’s not much at all.


I agree that Wyze didnt prepare well and didn’t stock up n plenty of filters before and after initially releasing the product but we’ve been told countless times by Wyze that it’s on back order and that the units and filters will be back in stock sometime in September…

Yes I totally agree that Wyze should’ve been stocked up on filters even after selling out of the units because now a lot of users have to wait til they restock in September . Feels like wyze wasn’t prepared

But you can’t blame them , they weren’t expecting the unit to sell out as quickly as it did and unfortunately the supply chain crisis has dampened the restock of the filters and unit…

If i were you , what I’ve read up from others is that they’re just vacuuming the filters from the outside to clean it up and try and save the live of it and see if it’ll still work well. Probably won’t be as effective but I’m sure it’ll be able to expand its filter life…

Actually, I can blame Wyze because they had a low number of purifiers to sell, when they should have just pushed back the release until they could get more in stock. But there was plenty of warning about the supply chain issues, due to world events.

I did wipe the outside of the filter down, but vacuuming it just wastes a lot of energy moving allergens from one filter to another. I also know most air and water filters can go way past their recommended replacement time, so I also reset the filter monitor.

Yes , taking the filter outside and just vacuuming it up will be able to clean it up a bit and reduce its wear and tear so it can last a bit longer

I think that will be able to help until they get beck in stock in september

I really want a unit

Same! It would be nice if they had a ‘notify me’ button.

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Wyze just cant seem to get their act together. They release the HMS security system without smoke detection and other basic features, then break the system with faulty firmware updates. Then release more products that they can’t support well. Now this? I’m glad I didn’t buy one.


Don’t buy it, you’ll regret the purchase. Wyze keeps screwing up the software in everything they sell. We still don’t have a fix for their cameras. They release buggy software and then take forever to fix them, if they even try to fix them. They have sloppy programmers and lazy managers.


Damn , really ?

Sounds like you and I both have bad experiences with Wyze :///

A lot of people have had bad experiences with Wyze products. They have dropped the ball over the years and really have gone down hill. They are more focused on releasing new buggy products instead of focusing on good programming and customer service. They give the allusion of a low priced product but then tack on a huge shipping fee, and make Home Depot sell them at a higher price point (which basically include the shipping fee), so the price ends up being the same. And they constantly falsely advertise many of their products, and the FTC is going to hear about it shortly.

When I first heard about this company and ordered their new V2 camera I was amazed and excited for a company that would change the industry. But they ended up growing too fast and being like all the rest. Since several of their founders are Chinese they use the Chinese business model, which is to sell products at a low price, even if the quality (hardware and software), is substandard. I really wish Wyze would go back the basics because inexpensive doesn’t have to mean poor quality.

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Well, we are now in the middle of September and ALL the replacement filters are on BO. I’m really not impressed.