Wyze Air Purifier Price Survey

(Survey link at the bottom)
I am Chuan, a product manager from Wyze. We posted a survey about air purifiers on April 6th this year and heard so many great suggestions. After 4 months of research, I can finally present the design to you. This air purifier will be: (final product may vary depends on your feedback)

  1. Extremely strong clean delivery, >200 CFM (350 m^3/h), e.g: clean the air in a 270 sq^2 room 5 times per hour. Recommend for medium to room size.
  2. sensor-based control.
  3. True HEPA 13 filter with activated carbon layer
  4. Advanced nano-materials that can effectively decompose VOCs, odors, formaldehyde, and microbe.
  5. Quiet operation for a great sleep experience.
  6. Controlled by Wyze app, Google, and Alexa. 5. Smart features like working with outdoor air quality data, geo-location, and time.
  7. customizable filter for different needs, e.g., wildfire, new home, odor, mold, allergy, pets, etc…
  8. The height is about "2 venti size Starbuck coffee cups stacks on each other. "

It won’t be:

  1. Compact size air purifier. The typical best seller air purifier on Amazon is small with limited cleaning power. I believe a good air purifier has to cover a large area because people don’t sit next to the device all the time.
  2. plain HEPA filter purifier. Knowing the HEPA is the most widely accepted technology, but it is only useful for particles, there are more types of pollutions that are harmful to people.

Thank you for being interested in the air purifier. Before we go to build it, I need one more thing from you. Please let us know how much would you expect this product to cost? This will be significantly important data for us together to determine the path of this product.

very best,